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Non-pharmacological management such as psychotherapy and family therapy are useful for both inducer and recipient.
subtilis is an efficient resistance inducer and its field formulations are needed to be prepared in carrier materials in order to make its handling easier and more effective.
This development of haploid inducer line made it possible to exploit the haploids for inbred line development through doubled haploid technology.
Effects on serum antipsychotic levels caused by discontinuing a CYP or PGP inducer can be predicted from data on decreases in antipsychotic levels following inducer exposure.
Gall and gall inducers in plants from the Pe-de-Gigate Cerrado Reserve, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro SP, Brazil.
The aim of this paper is to study the structure of the flow given by the use of a straight hydrofoil cascade for the manufacturing of the inducer blades.
The National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense have funded developing novel biodefense medications designed to stimulate innate mucosal immunity by using interferons (IFNs) and interferon inducers.
Responses to heat shock were compared with those seen with a known inducer of metamorphosis, an extract of the red macroalga Laurencia poitei (Davis 1994a, Davis & Stoner 1994, Boettcher & Targett 1996, Boettcher & Targett 1998).
a company whose product Colostrinin has shown efficacy as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease, has been awarded a patent on the use of Colostrinin as an inducer of cytokines.
This new coolant package installs easily and is offered complete with coolant bottle, mounting bracket, hose, a cooler inducer arbor, and full installation instructions.
The driving force is the under pressure behind the gas inducer.