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GCS-100 induces programmed cell death in cancer cells by selectively depolarizing the mitochondria of cancer cells, as well as mediating a Bcl-2 pathway-induced cell death response while bypassing the Bcl-2 pathway itself.
It was shown that BPA did induce DNA synthesis in vaginal epithelium of Fischer 334 rats but did not in Sprague-Dawley rats, whereas in both strains BPA increased c-fos mRNA expression (Long et al.
Exposure of RBL-2H3 mast cells to Ag(+) induces cell degranulation and mediator release.
As reported in the "Vaccine" paper, the problems with synthetic vaccines can be greatly diminished by using the PADRE construct: PADRE effectively induces a long-lived IgG antibody response; manufacturing the PADRE construct is straightforward; there is no carrier-suppression effect since PADRE alone does not induce an anti-PADRE antibody response.
Taken together, these data indicate that early exposure to estrogenic toxicants induces widespread abnormalities in a number of developing tissues.
Drugs that use this pathway to selectively induce apoptosis in abnormal cells may offer potential for preventing or treating cancer without the toxicity to normal, rapidly proliferating tissues that is produced by conventional chemotherapeutic drugs.
Asbestos exposure induces diverse cellular events related to lung injury (Jaurand 1997; Kamp and Weitzman 1999; Manning et al.
Menadione induces endothelial dysfunction mediated by oxidative stress and arylation.
De Benedetti F, Colburn NH, Oppenheim JJ, Faltynek CR Tumor necrosis factor induces anchorage independent growth of two murine non-transformed cell lines.
28) demonstrated that chrysotile asbestos induces apoptosis after 48 hr of exposure in SHE cells.
These findings and ours suggest that exposure to PCP or TCHQ induces apoptosis depending on the cell type and that human lymphocytes are sensitive to both PCP and TCHQ, but more so to TCHQ.
Cadmium-mediated oxidative stress in kidney proximal tubule cells induces degradation of [Na.