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INDUCTION, eccles. law. The giving a clerk, instituted to a benefice, the actual possession of its temporalties, in the nature of livery of seisin. Ayl. Parerg. 299.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the present work, we present a comparative study by using the Rancimat Method in order to evaluate the differences in induction period for commercial biodiesel samples stabilized with different antioxidant additives.
By the ratio between the values of the induction periods, control sample and mass of antioxidants, at the temperatures 110, 115, 120 and 125[degrees]C, the relative protection factor (RPF) for each assay was determined (Table 2).
(1) Ester can make the end time of cement hydration induction longer and delay the occurrence of the second exothermic peak, indicating that it has a delayed effect on the hydration reaction rate of cement at early stage (hydration induction period and acceleration period).
The oxidative stability of cottonseed oil was determined by an automatically controlled Metrohm Rancimat apparatus (Model 679) to record the induction period (IP).
7, the out of plane birefringence goes through the aforementioned stages, induction period, after which the films may encounter one of the following behaviors before leveling off:
Also, the addition of BHT (200 ppm) increased induction period to 10.50 h, the induction period was (11.33 h) by addition of methanol extract of irradiated purslane plant at 9 kGy, which increased the shelf life from 12.01 to 16.81 month.
Induction period was measured on a Rancimat (Model-679) (Metrohm, 1993).
1, The oxidation of p-xylene catalyzed by CoL1~ CoL5 experienced a certain induction period (0.3~0.6 h), which indicated there may be a connection between the dioxygen affinity and induction period and the coordination of molecular oxygen to the central cobalt ions is necessary to the initiation of the catalytic oxidation reaction.
She told the inquest at Birmingham Coroner's Court: "I think the use of this the induction period, not just at this gym but at all gyms.
In this research, it was observed that the following combinations of PIC ([micro]M) x KIN ([micro]M): 4.14/0.207 (Figure 1B); 8.28/0.414 (Figure 1C); 8.28/0.621 (Figure 1D), and 8.28/0.828, respectively, provided higher values of calli fresh weight (1.8; 1.6; 1.7 and 1.5g), respectively, at the end of the callus induction period. In the absence of KIN, the higher fresh weight (0.2g) was only obtained in the presence of 8.28 [micro]M PIC (Figure 1A).
All the study participants had a 2-week induction period in which they were stabilized on buprenorphine, followed by 14 weeks of active treatment, then 2 weeks of continuing clinical care after treatment completion.