indulge oneself

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REVIVE - technological advances and social media are driving more communication out of like-minded individuals than ever before and BALANCE - to restore the balance in modern living is to find a way out of the routine to indulge oneself in exclusivity and life enrichment.
It's the place where one can indulge oneself with fresh handcrafted sashimis and sushis made as per ones taste and preference.
It is not necessary to indulge oneself in the contemplation of coffee's history to get a sense of coffee's exotic nature.
To luxuriate - To take luxurious pleasure; indulge oneself.
This is an excellent time to immerse oneself in stimulating change, to launch a pilot project, or to indulge oneself in an innovative endeavor that truly arouses one's curiosity.
But wouldn't anyone with half a soul desperately indulge oneself in speculation about what it might have sounded like?
ONE of the reasons for going on holiday is to indulge oneself. With that in mind, there are no better destinations for a golfer than Spain and Portugal.