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We shall see, Monsieur Cardinal, we shall see," said the king, who, in his joy at finding the queen guilty of a crime which he cared little about, and innocent of a fault of which he had great dread, was ready to make up all differences with her, "we shall see, but upon my honor, you are too indulgent toward her.
Blunt's expression had grown even more indulgent if that were possible.
Rose was standing very close to me and I caught distinctly the note of scorn in her indulgent compassion.
My face was close to his, and he let me kiss him, simply taking it with indulgent good humor.
She was an indulgent parent, however, and really had little objection to Emma Jane amusing herself in this unusual way; it was only for Rebecca, as the niece of the difficult Miranda Sawyer, that she raised scruples; but when fully persuaded that the enterprise was a charitable one, she acquiesced.
But by an appeal to her affection for her mother, by representing the inconveniences which that indulgent mother must draw on herself, if (as would probably be the case) she consented to this increase of establishment, Marianne was shortly subdued; and she promised not to tempt her mother to such imprudent kindness by mentioning the offer, and to tell Willoughby when she saw him next, that it must be declined.
So I sought out a school conducted on a more indulgent system, and near enough to permit of my visiting her often, and bringing her home sometimes.
He's very delicate, sir," I replied; "and scarcely likely to reach manhood: but this I can say, he does not resemble his father; and if Miss Catherine had the misfortune to marry him, he would not be beyond her control: unless she were extremely and foolishly indulgent.
It is imagined that they would be too indulgent judges of the conduct of men, in whose official creation they had participated.
He seems to be a most conscientious and polite young man, upon my word, and I doubt not will prove a valuable acquaintance, especially if Lady Catherine should be so indulgent as to let him come to us again.
Summary: Indulgent represents Godolphin in Group 2 contest at Presque Isle Downs
The study found that indulgent labeling resulted in 25 percent more people picking vegetables when compared with basic labeling, 41 percent more people picking veggies when compared with health-restrictive labeling, and 35 percent more people picking veggies than with the health-positive labeling.