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Hilda leaned back in her chair, watching him indulgently out of her shrewd eyes.
She answered indulgently, "Miss de Sor, I have nothing to do with it.
He smiled indulgently, concealing a hurt, not altogether new, at her persistent inappreciation of this side of his nature and life in which he took the greatest pride.
asked Aunt Plenty, indulgently, for she had come to believe in most of her nephew's odd notions, because they seemed to work so well.
He smiled, and shook his head indulgently, as a father to a child who sets up his childish judgment against that of his elders.
Let us look indulgently together," he said, in his whimsically grave way, "at the humiliating spectacle of an old man's folly.
Often, from his high seat, he had listened indulgently to police court perjuries in cooked-up cases; but for the first time perjury was directed against him, and he no longer sat above the court, with the bailiffs, the Policemen's clubs, and the prison cells behind him.
Doctors who have to be up all night waiting on sick folk don't feel very adventurous, I suppose," Anne said indulgently.
We usually judge others by our own standard; and although we indulgently forgive our own shortcomings in them, we condemn them harshly for the lack of our special virtues.
Had he not been so great a Prince very few possibly would have visited him; but in Vanity Fair the sins of very great personages are looked at indulgently.
Raffles smiled indulgently as he cracked another nut.
It is rather hard, I think, to treat Count Fosco's scruples so much more indulgently than you have treated mine.