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Based on the evidence collected by the DG during investigation in this case, the Commission concluded that AKCDA and its District Units at Thrissur and Kasargod have been indulging in the practice of NOC prior to the appointment of stockists by pharmaceutical companies, which was limiting and controlling the supply of drugs in the State of Kerala, in violation of the provisions of Section 3(1) read with 3(3)(b) of the Act.
He said the violence committed by these Gau Raksha groups Apex court issued notice to Centre & six BJP- ruled states Supreme Court will examine if cow protectors should for indulging
"Over 60 per cent of our budget goes to salaries of the employees," he disclosed and added that they hardly had anything for development and the "question of indulging in rampant corruption is something cannot be imagined as alleged by our Governor."
He was indulging in an indecent act and had a pornographic magazine with him.
Indulging in such acts is a crime penalised by the Omani Penal Law and other laws.
Without shaking things up, without indulging whim and passion, the middle third of our lives will morph into "muddle age." The vagaries of health, our inevitable decrease in stamina, the certainty of death, and the uncertainty of lifespan make the deferment of someday an injudicious proposition.
TODAY we reveal that Ulster teenagers are indulging in a bizarre and depraved sex act dubbed 'daisy chaining'.
Over 50 per cent owned up to indulging themselves once a week saying money ( not guilt or time ( is what prevents them from doing it more often.
Welsh men will have little problem indulging their love of talking about current affairs with men around the UK.
I'm going to ponder that one, sitting smugly in my San Francisco garden and indulging my lesbian affection for my species of choice--the butterfly.
Several commented on the increase in indulging children.
A survey backed by Sainsbury's Bank showed this week that collectively, the country is now spending pounds 6.5 billion a year on 'retail therapy', with women and Londoners indulging themselves the most.