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Mamata Banerjee is indulging in minority politics," Roy said, while addressing a rally here.
Arrested and interviewed, he admitted indulging in an indecent act but he said it was in places where he could not be seen and denied that he intended to be seen by the girls.
Indulging in such acts is a crime penalised by the Omani Penal Law and other laws.
She continued, "We have opened another avenue to experience luxury chocolate by making it a shared one: eating with a partner, or watching a movie brings a level of closeness to the experience of indulging in luxury chocolate.
Welsh men will have little problem indulging their love of talking about current affairs with men around the UK.
I'm going to ponder that one, sitting smugly in my San Francisco garden and indulging my lesbian affection for my species of choice--the butterfly.
Several commented on the increase in indulging children.
5 billion a year on 'retail therapy', with women and Londoners indulging themselves the most.
Married people found guilty of indulging in illegal sex would be stoned to death while unmarried people indulging in sex outside of marriage would receive 100 lashes, Jamal said in a statement.
Far from indulging in a parlor game, most people are attempting to sort out the complexities of their lives and to come to grips with their own characters; to understand why what happened happened, and why what could have happened didn't.
24 (ANI): Accusing the Congress party of indulging in caste-based politics in Gujarat, the state's Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said the Congress party can go to the extent of inviting terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, if they feel it can help them form the government in the state.