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She presented with a 4-month history of sore, indurated, inflamed lips.
During the plaque stage, lesions are raised, indurated, and variable in color, ranging from pink to red to brown-purple.
A swelling measuring 10X9 cm in right upper outer quadrant of right breast, skin over the lump was red and indurated, nipple areolar complex inverted, lump soft in consistency, fluctuant, non-tender, and moulds on pressure.
Our case was an 11-year- old boy presenting with a large indurated plaque over right lumbar region which was diagnosed as tufted angioma on histopathology.
Her forearm lesion had yellow indurated plaque with an atrophic center.
INTRODUCTION: A patient with longstanding oral lichen planus subsequently presented with a raised indurated lesion.
On physical examination, we observed a well- demarcated, irregular bordered, erythematous plaque with polycyclic, indurated margins on the perianal region of buttocks (Figure 1).
She had a temperature of 100[degrees]F and her right forearm and wrist were exquisitely sensitive to touch over a warm and indurated violaceous rash with pseudovesicles over the most edematous portions (FIGURE 1).
Eventually, these lesions may develop a collarette of slightly indurated, yellow-colored, waxlike skin that forms the ridged shoulders of the pore.