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[2] The indurated sinuses communicating with ulcer was described as another sign of malignant degeneration by Nthumba.
The lesion is usually punched-out, indurated and approximately 2-3 cm in diameter without a red inflammatory border.
A clinical exam showed prominent indurated nodules in both elbows.
It is clinically characterized by round or oval, irregular or linear plaques that are initially dull red or violaceous, smooth and indurated but later turn atrophic and histologically present with sclerosis of the dermis and/or subcutaneous tissue.
The affected area was not indurated, and there were no muscular or skeletal abnormalities on inspection.
Typical clinical findings are reddish indurated plaques or nodules on the oral mucosa, neck, and upper trunk, which grow slowly for months to years and may cause tolerable pain.
Delayed hypersensitivity reactions are also possible, characterized by erythema, edema, itching, and a change in the contour of the injected implant, and, occasionally, an indurated papule or inflamed dermal nodule.
Clinical examination of these rabbits showed signs of pale conjunctival mucous membranes, erythema, dandruff, white indurated dry crust like lesions on nose, ears, face, around ears, paws, around genitalia and over dorsal surface with brownish discharge (Fig.1).
Subcutaneous fat necrosis, while not a "birthmark," presents in the first weeks of life as indurated nodules and is commonly seen after "cooling therapy" hypothermia for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.
The skin lesions initially appear dark red and then become purple-black and indurated. They may be mistaken initially as bruising but later become necrotic and gangrenous which may results in extremities loss.8 Ophthalmologic complications including vitreous haemorrhage and retinal detachment that may result in partial or complete blindness are often associated with severe protein C deficiency.9
OSCC may present like nonhealing, indurated ulcers or hyperkeratotic, exophytic masses or as submucosal, slightly indurated, red lesions with an intact epithelium less frequently [12].
Caption: FIGURE 1: Clinical presentation: firm, indurated, erythematous papules, and nodules, with central pustules and vesicles on the head and scalp.