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The pleural surfaces were indurated, with nodules averaging 0.
This assemblage of expedient tools was made of indurated sandstone and quartzite, and their exact use is not yet known.
2013 (5) Escherichia Indurated epididymis coli with infarcted testis.
1 mm long, thick, oblong-cylindrical, shiny, yellow, orange or reddish, often appressed; sori round, indusiate, the indusia reniform, light brown to blackish, attached by a sinus; sporangia stalks glabrous or with a colored gland, the gland oblong-cylindrical; annulus of 14-17 indurated cells; spores monolete, achlorophyllous, the perispores finely echinulate, folded, the folds long, uninterrupted.
Early-stage lesions, which had a well-demarcated indurated area, were observed only in a few cows.
The entire coelomic cavity was distended with copious amounts of indurated, multinodular fat, which contained regions of patchy yellow discoloration and completely surrounded the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in fibrous adhesions between intestinal loops.
ISLAMABAD -- An estimated 70,000 Argentina fans indurated the centre of Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, for their country's clash against Switzerland Tuesday, which sent the South American country to the quarterfinals.
This has led to a quarter century of carping about his "absence of an editing consciousness," an indurated misprision arising from proscriptions innate to the critical community (the painter's celebrity notwithstanding, quite another matter entirely).
5 cm, with a predominantly dome-like shape It was indurated and fixed, with overlying diffuse erythema.
The sophistication of such writings belies the reductive glosses of postcolonial critics who, while apparently unacquainted with all the relevant sources, reproach liberation movements for inscribing regressive and anti-modernist nativisms (a charge that certainly applies to revivalist tendencies wedded to indurated custom and hostile to socialism within Indian and African anti-colonialism), or dismiss them as the speech of an elite divorced from the "subaltern.
Lesional plaques may develop indurated borders with occasional atrophic or cribriform centers.