Industrial Union

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Industrial Union

A labor organization composed of members employed in a particular field, such as textiles, but who perform different individual jobs within their general type of work.


Labor Union.

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The more enterprise unions with effective organizations there are, the greater the capacity of the industrial union has to collect votes for their sponsored candidates.
Legal recognition of workers' right to collective bargaining in Ontario in 1943, and across Canada a year later, did nothing to mitigate the profound distrust of industrial unions to which Keogh had given expression.
In the 25 years since, conventional wisdom has pronounced the death of organized labor a thousand times, and attention has shifted from the industrial unions to the giants of the service and public sector--whose jobs cannot be so easily outsourced.
Speakers include Steve Miller, President and CEO, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity; Abe Breehey, Director of Government Affairs at International Brotherhood of Boilermakers; James Hunter, Director of Utilities, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Bob Baugh, Executive Director, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council; Bill Banig, Director of Government Affairs, United Mine Workers of America; and Douglas Jeavons, Managing Director, BBC Research & Consulting.
The IG Metall industrial union has called for rallies on Friday to protest at any potential closures or job cuts at the seven plants in the country.
The generator would be owned and operated by ZAO Ekoenergia, itself jointly-owned by the Industrial Union of Donbass (ISD) and its subsidiary AMK.
The order, placed by the Industrial Union of Donbass Corp.
In the following essay I will describe how I use music in my discussions of the rise of the industrial union movement in Birmingham, Alabama.
The mill shut down in 1986, but in its heyday, it employed 15,000 steelworkers in 450 buildings on 430 acres, woven together with 150 miles of railroad track and the power of a great industrial union.
Montgomery made a strong impression on Anthony and the other first-generation feminist leaders, and they turned to her to lead a key new organization--the Women's Educational and Industrial Union (WEIU).
These activities gained focus in the Congress of Industrial Organizations (i.e., the Industrial Union Councils) and local branches of the Communist party, the Socialist party, the American Labor party, and later the Democratic party.
Merger of the two unions will create the largest industrial union in North America, with more than 850,000 active members in over 8000 bargaining units in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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