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Tehmina Daultana in Vehari, and Punjab Minister for Industries Ch Shafique Ahmed in Rahim Yar Khan are continuously endeavouring to achieve government's objective for rapid industrialisation, he mentioned.
The expansion reflects SQS's global industrialisation strategy, which sees testing locations aligned with global skill sets.
At the last SADC Summit held at the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, in August, Southern African leaders asked its secretariat, based in Gaborone, Botswana, to must craft a strategy and roadmap for industrialisation for the sub-region.
He said Namibia should avoid making too many mistakes and wasting too many scarce resources on the road towards industrialisation saying the country must be smart by picking sectors that we want to concentrate on.
Foster [1] defines industrialisation essentially as an organisational process--continuity of production implying a steady flow of demand; standardisation; integration of the different stages of the whole production process; a high degree of organisation of work; mechanisation to replace human labour wherever possible; research and organised experimentation integrated with production.
In Industrialisation and Private Enterprises in Mexico Hoshino sheds lights on the structure of Mexican industry laying particular emphasis on the behavioural implications of prevalent structures.
For some time now social historians have focused on the formation of a Canadian working class during the industrialisation era of the mid and late nineteenth century.
However, considering the relatively late industrialisation of the Spanish industrial sector as well as the ongoing modernisation initiatives and infrastructure investments to ensure compliance with European Union regulations, the Spanish electric drives market is expected to show the fastest growth between 2005 and 2012.
The Chinese government reiterated its commitment to support industrialisation in South Africa and the rest of the African continent by pledging $50 billion million towards industrialisation projects.
Summary: Growth-hungry Asian economies that bypass industrialisation and leapfrog from agriculture to the services sector may fall into a "middle income trap", the Asian Development Bank, or ADB, cautioned on Wednesday.
Every commentator on the continent, national, institutional or individual, is once again convinced that Africa's path to economic salvation lies in industrialisation.
SIR - It seems that once again the beautiful countryside of Wales is to be spoilt in the pursuit of industrialisation, but this time through the installation of large and unsightly wind turbines.