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The SADC region's drive for industrialisation, he said, should expand and provide a stimulus to investment opportunities, which would have significant multiplier effects on other sectors.
The Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate Chairman Saleem Parekh stated that lately the pace of industrialisation has slowed down due to high cost of doing business and flow of investment towards the service industry.
Industrialisation and Industrial Zones: Siemens will work with the government to promote industrialization, and the development of industrial zones, with focus on discrete and process industries.
He hoped that all three industrial estates would soon get the status of Special Economic Zone that helps to boost industrialisation in these industrial estates.
The MoU is in line with objectives set in the Bank's High 5 strategy, the African Union's Agenda 2063, the Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa (IDDA III), the UN's Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as the G20 Initiative on Supporting Industrialisation in Africa.
While addressing an inaugural event of a new auditorium at Millaniya Divisional Secretariat, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said Millaniya can be identified as a centre for rapid industrialisation, as reported by the Columbo Page on Sunday.
The LTP provides a conceptual framework for CPEC up to 2030; it also gives a framework for the industrialisation of Pakistan.
To support its evolving industrialisation strategy, SQS has announced the expansion of its Pune-based Centre of Excellence for managed testing services.
"Industrialisation is an important engine for development of our region," Shujie said.
But times have moved on and while there are many sceptics, mostly foreign, the age of industrialisation is beckoning again.
Name of client : Sabic, Tasnee Petrochemicals -- National Petrochemical Industrialisation Company Saudi Acrylic Acid Company (SC) Kayan Petrochemical Company Sadara Chemical Company Budget : $500 million Facility type : Butanol Sector Petrochemicals Status : Engineering & Procurement Location : Jubail Feed : Dow Chemical Company Main Contractor : Daelim Industrial Co, Ltd.Background With a growing demand of butanol in the GCC region, Saudi Kayan, Saudi Acrylic Acid Company (SC), Sadara Chemical Company and National Industrialisation Company (Tasnee) have formed a joint venture to build an N-butanol plant in the acrylic complex at Jubail Industrial City.
Summary: Singapore: Growth-hungry Asian economies which bypass industrialisation and leapfrog from agriculture to the services sector ...