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The SSP said that more cases were likely to be registered against industrialists in the next couple of days.
Those industrialists who stayed at GAIE after the incentives' withdrawal had really worked in very difficult circumstances,' he said.
He adds that the Black Industrialists Programme places a particular emphasis on the need to strengthen and increase black participation and enhance entrepreneurial dynamism in the mainstream economy.
Embarrassed with the repeated comments by industrialists, she immediately left the award ceremony.
If you think any other industrialists should be added to the list, tell John Hemming by email at hemmingj@parliament.
She also argues that the weak Brazilian labor movement, particularly in the early period of her study, made it unlikely that industrialists "viewed these methods as providing them in an immediate sense with the 'tools' to undermine the power and authority of skilled workers.
For Social Peace in Brazil: Industrialists and the Remaking of the Working Class in Silo Paulo, 1920-1964.
Brazilian Industrialists and Democratic Change prompts us to conclude that many of these previous theoretical and analytical efforts consisted largely of groping in a dark cave without a flashlight.
Wassan said that the survey of new industries can also be carried out after the passage of the bill and without the permission of the industries department no industrialists can set up any new industry.
He further said that Gujarat did not belong to only five or ten big industrialists, but also to the farmers, labourers and small-scale businessmen.
The delegation was led by prominent industrialist, Abdul Kahliq Afridi.