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Schematically, industrialization can take place in three broad ways: as a by-product of wealth in a dynamic primary sector, via Import-Substituting Industrialization (ISI), or through Export-Oriented Industrialization (EOI).
The changing opportunities for industrialization and the growing relevance of industries without smokestacks may force us to rethink what we mean by 'African industrialization'.
And they used the resources of that country and the fat of the land to reach or arrive now on their present level of industrialization," he said.
Secondly, the ability of a country to enhance its capacity to provide affordable healthcare also rests on industrialization. Thirdly, a thriving industry is able to produce quality material for the construction of quality and affordable housing.
The UN General Assembly, in 1989, proclaimed November 20 'Africa Industrialization Day'.
We believe that national industrialization will pave the way for the development of science and technology.
However, he hailed the decision of the KP government for formulation of new industrial policy which was need of the hour and it also helps for the revival of industrialization in KP.
In this study, the author argues that the history of postbellum Southern industrialization has been both poorly researched and considerably misunderstood.
The industrialization in private sector largely serves the interests of influential business tycoons rather benefiting the people of this province.
The African Union (AU) has sought China's support towards its push for the inclusion of trade and industrialization agenda in the future UN plan to fight poverty, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), at talks with visiting Chinese officials.
Industrialization process started in Kazakhstan in 2010 led to the restructuring of the national economy, Deputy Prime Minister Asset Issekeshev said during the 27th plenary meeting of the Foreign Investors Council in Borovoe, the press service of the Prime Minister said.