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137-138) words, it has been a widely held view in the West that while Preobrazhenskii's position in the debate was officially repudiated, industrialization followed the path he outlined.
The capitalist industrialization of Syria was necessarily on a smaller scale than its counterpart in Egypt, but proportionately its accomplishments were similar.
The efficiency of Pakistan's industrialization, particularly in the first two decades, has received a great deal of attention.
According to Issekeshev, the second five-year plan of industrialization as a logical extension of FIID will be more dynamic and focused.
For small island economies, industrialization may not be cost effective, and the future lies in becoming competitive in certain service sector niche markets.
It is my firm belief that by developing the downstream mining industry, we are not only advancing said industry but paving the way for the industrialization of the entire country," the author stressed.
2012 China's Remarkable Achievement Enterprise, Integration of Informatization and Industrialization
While Deng Xiaoping garners much of the credit for China's economic modernization, Kueh (economics and business administration, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong, China) argues that Deng's reforms were made materially possible in large measure by Mao's pursuit of industrialization and modernization.
Unlike the diffuse pattern of textile mill villages created in the piedmont of North Carolina and upcountry Georgia, industrialization in Middle Tennessee was highly centralized in Nashville itself.
We began developing our Industrialization point of view after seeing leading banks starting to embrace advanced manufacturing techniques," explained Trevor Gruzin, managing director of Accenture's Banking practice in North America and Asia-Pacific.
He noted that the endorsement of Nigeria was based on the Federal Government's holistic and consolidated industrialization policies which led to the recent launch of the Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan by President Goodluck Jonathan.
The Fall and Rise of Industrialization and Industrial Policy: A UNIDO Perspective on Pathways, co-editor Ludovico Alcorta