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The present sixty-year-old system is outdated, giving too much representation to the industrialized country donors and not enough to the developing country recipients.
Framework Convention on Climate Change at The Hague due to conflict among industrialized countries.
A related problem, according to El-Arini, is that industrialized countries are dumping CFC-containing products and equipment on developing nations.
The entire logic of Brzezinski's argument rests on the assertion that the indispensable foundation of cooperation and integration among the advanced industrialized countries was--and remains--American hegemony.
Sure, it's easy for industrialized countries to provide technical and financial assistance to developing countries on disaster risk reduction and mitigation.
In contrast, industrialized economies improved their growth performance thanks to lower fuel prices and improved fiscal conditions.
Nonrenewable natural resources (NNRs) --fossil fuels, metals, and nonmetallic minerals --enable industrialized human life.
Developing economies made some headway in pointing out the problems with equal burden sharing among all economies, industrialized or emerging.
Many industrialized construction technologies co-exist with on-site work in hybrid construction and thus, making it difficult to differentiate what constitutes off-site practice.
What can the industrialized nations do to curb high prices then?
The Davos Forum is held annually to discuss economic problems and development between industrialized and developing countries.