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Legarda is clearly in a conflict-of-interest situation here in opposing the use of fossil fuels, which by far are the cheapest and most widely used by all countries that have become highly industrialized.
"Industrialized Building System (IBS): Revisiting Issues of Definition and Classification," 1: 120-132.
The historically unprecedented population levels and material living standards associated with our modern industrialized existence are enabled almost exclusively by our utilization of enormous and generally increasing quantities of NNRs.
The primary indicator of oil shortage would be the level of commercial oil inventories in major industrialized countries, and the information on these is usually issued by energy-related departments in the majority of these countries.
perfect global economic storm, the industrialized countries' policymakers appear to be paralyzed by doubts as to what should be done to revive their flagging economies.
Espinosa adds that "industrialized countries have an obligation to meet that expectation." She can count on the support of Christiana Figueres, who in a pre-briefing session in Bonn, said on 22 July that although the promises made by all industrialized countries to reduce their emissions and by 38 developing countries to adopt measures to mitigate emissions barely reach 12 to 19% by 2020 (compared to 1990) compared with 25 to 40% reductions deemed necessary by the scientific world, everyone should at least implement these commitments.
"When we examine the progress of the real currency rates, we see that the Turkish currency has gained in value against currencies of the industrialized countries while it remained generally the same against the currencies of the developing countries.
Speaking to reporters on the side line of the meeting, Iranian minister referred to Turkey's rich experience in industrialized housing adding that "we invited Turkish side to make joint investment in Iran to industrialize the country's housing sectors."
As part of the 11th economic and social plan 2007-2011 for the period of, the Industrial Land Agency (AFI) is planning the creation of 27 new industrial areas covering a total surface of about 394 hectares, these industrialized zones on sale are spread among the coastal cities and the inner land regions.Aa <p>The Industrial Land Agency (AFI) aims to continue the development over 1,063,400 square meters in the coastal regions namely in the governorate of Ben Arous the governorate of Sousse the governorate of Nabeul, the governorate of Mahdia, the governorate of Monastir, the governorate of Ariana, the governorate of Sfax as well as the governorate of Gabes.
The gross domestic product (GDP) for developing countries is expected to grow on average 3-5 percent this year, but will fall around 1 percent in industrialized countries, Justin Yifu Lin told reporters late on Tuesday.
In a press conference after a two-day summit of the Group of 20 industrialized and developing economies in Washington, Aso said he had felt his counterparts' great expectations of Japan at the summit.