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The IRS realigned its Industries and territories to improve geographic congruency and increased the use of cross-Industry tax examinations as a way of balancing the workload across the various Industries and posts-of-duty.
Industries include automotive, consumer products and pharmaceutical.
Domestic demand for metal castings turned down due to the depressed Japanese economic conditions and the tendency for customer industries to move their base of production overseas to utilize foreign sources for their casting needs.
Industries include telecommunications, financial services, general engineering.
Printing, publishing and allied industries (Group 27).
Founded in 1976, the firm recruits for the manufacturing, service and health care industries.
We replenish the forest, provide good-paying jobs, support bolt-on industries, contribute to thriving communities, supply useful consumer products, and contribute to the tax base of our individual countries.
In addition to these three industries, the carpet industry, which uses polyurethanes for underlay cushioning, and the appliance industry, which uses rigid polyurethane foam insulation, rounded out the top-five, end-use industries.
In 1972 a government reorganization led to the establishment of a Ministry of Primary Industries.
Scott Baumruck: "Paper Summit brings together some of the top non-profit Associations in the paper/forest products industries.
As we re-tool our message, we should recognize that competition among institutions and industries for the best and brightest young people is white-hot.

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