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PISAN, according to the DILG, is an Ilonggo word which means industriousness, and this year, the four Aklanons were recognized along with the others in the region during an awarding ceremony dubbed Pagdayaw, held just days before Christmas at the Iloilo Grand Hotel in Iloilo City.
His abundant energy and industriousness would frequently embarrass other foreign ministers, and the rest of us mere mortals could only follow in his rapid footsteps, trying desperately hard to catch up, succeeding on some occasions and failing on many others.
Rees's show of similar elements, with its comically exaggerated reflections on what sells, could have at least offered a valid commentary for his paintings, had the two cases of industriousness been allowed to confront, and perhaps even account for, each other.
While each winner had a different path to success, what they have in common is determination, industriousness and the ability to come up with innovative solutions that have allowed their businesses to survive and thrive, regardless of economic conditions, and a commitment to serving their communities.
Additionally, Bogg (2008) found a significant positive relationship between exercise behavior and industriousness, a conscientiousness-related trait associated with being hard working and thorough.
The window depicts a woman described in Proverbs 31; a woman who is a good partner, a caring parent, a hard worker, whose actions embody kindness, industriousness, generosity and wisdom.
Everyone cites German frugality, precision, industriousness and efficiency.
All too many people have been conditioned to believe in success through innovation, hard work, dedication, industriousness, diligence, etc.
I commend the community on their industriousness and entrepreneurship.
With the role of imagination playing a strong theme, discussion encompasses Europe and the gift economies in North America, the Church and pricing, gifts in the commercializing Indian trade, industriousness, and treaties, among other topics.
The four I have decided upon meet this test: would any of those who shaped the American project and observed it in its first century say that it could succeed without industriousness, honesty, marriage, and religiosity in the people?

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