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The rest of the industriousness is chiefly clarified by store costs and exchange costs, which are higher in the lower execution deciles.
Where talent and industriousness breed, evils do not.
Clergy and imams in particular play a big role in upbringing and guidance, teaching self-consciousness and industriousness, respect for elders and right understanding of Islam values, the President said.
The insect has long been an emblem of the city's industriousness and became a symbol of unity in the wake of last year's attack.
Burfat further observed that the spirit, acumen, expertise, efficiency and industriousness exhibited by all SU teachers, officers, employees and student-volunteers were simply incredible.
OX: ATTRIBUTE: Industriousness BORN: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961 THIS YEAR: Your patience will be tested this year - stay strong and composed and good things will come your way.
Through their creativity, industriousness and dedication, they provide excellent goods and services that satisfy the need of Taiwanese people.
We make ourselves martyrs to industriousness, and far from that being our secret advantage, it is our undoing.
A great go-to for inspirational and innovative ways to practice mindfulness, industriousness, and self-improvement, "Benjamin Franklin's Wise Words" is a great entertainment that as both 'real world' relevant as it is thought-provoking.
While middle-class Americans confronted a growing consumer economy, they looked to and idealized the industriousness and thrift of nineteenth-century citizens and appropriated symbols of hard work from the working class.
'Probably, we are not lacking in industriousness, but because of the number of the people we need to help, it is not enough.
Each year, the awards honor business owners and operators for their imagination, industriousness, innovation and achievements.

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