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KEY WORDS: Peripheral venous catheter Catheter indwell time Phlebitis Thrombophlebitis.
2571617 Even though studies have reported an association between phlebitis development and PVC duration there are no clear guidelines for an optimal or maximum indwell time.
I believe that hope for a renewed earth is best founded on belief in the Spirit as the divine force within the cosmos who continually indwells and works to sustain all forms of life.
104:29-30), the healing wind that brings power and salvation to those it indwells (Judges 6:34, Jolm 3:6, Acts 2:1-4), the living water that quickens and refreshes all who drink from its eterna l springs (John 4:14, 7:37-38), the purgative fire that alternately judges evildoers and ignites the prophetic mission of the early church (Acts 2:1-4, Matt.
As Congar's theology of the Holy Spirit expresses so well, the Spirit of Christ actively indwells all of the faithful.