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104:29-30), the healing wind that brings power and salvation to those it indwells (Judges 6:34, Jolm 3:6, Acts 2:1-4), the living water that quickens and refreshes all who drink from its eterna l springs (John 4:14, 7:37-38), the purgative fire that alternately judges evildoers and ignites the prophetic mission of the early church (Acts 2:1-4, Matt.
And as the Spirit of creation, the Spirit has been defined as the breath of God who indwells and sustains the cosmos.
Whether manifesting herself as a living, breathing organism like a dove, or an inanimate lifeform, such as wind or fire, the Spirit indwells nature as its interanimating force in order to lead all creation into a peaceable relationship with itself.
Could it be, then, that an adequate basis for hope in a restored earth lies in a recovery of the Holy Spirit as God's power of life-giving breath [ruah] who indwells and sustains all lifeforms?