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The police found her in an inebriated state and nabbed her.
A medical examination of the accused revealed that he was in an inebriated state.
Summary: A general manager, who in an inebriated state allegedly groped a waitress at a beach club in Jebel Ali, was charged with molestation and consumption of liquor on Wednesday.
Unless last weekend's trains were vastly different from the one I caught a week past Friday at midnight, all this means is staff ignored all the other drunks, as late-night trains are mostly populated by inebriated people.
West Midlands Fire Service praised the bravery of Mr Sheehan in rescuing the woman who was said to have been inebriated.
It sounds like the poor chap was inebriated and put in a cab by his friends without thought for his safety.
London, July 5 (ANI): English rocker Pete Doherty is facing five-years jail for allegedly breaking into a music shop in an inebriated state during a night out.
Those who said they had seen their parents inebriated were twice as likely to have been drunk several times.
Free Ride Back" aims at keeping inebriated drivers off the Valley's streets and is offered year round by the cab company.
KK wants alcohol banned so we are not subjected to inebriated visitors.
The local police chief in Kenya said: "As the inebriated man was sleeping, she picked up an axe and beheaded him.
New Delhi, April 28 -- Showing mercy to a man sentenced to life for killing his inebriated wife, a Bench of the Supreme Court reduced his punishment to eight years after it learnt that the husband was forced to act in such a manner given the fact that on the fateful day the wife had entered home drunk.