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An apparently inebriated woman climbed on stage, embraced Dion and wrapped her leg around her during a pause between songs, almost toppling the pair to the ground.
Kaushambi (Uttar Pradesh) [India] Jan 10 ( ANI ): A woman from Uttar Pradesh's Kaushambi has alleged that her husband in an inebriated condition gave instant talaq to her over the phone.
An inebriated Sanju, who was one of the guards, then took the injured duo to his rented room where he tied them up to chairs and thrashed them severely.
The police found her in an inebriated state and nabbed her.
AMANDA SCULLION Inebriated Lady SHE was sitting at the table With her husband happy She said happily smiling and laughing "I'm drunk" I said "you're inebriated lady" In the rainbow-coloured coat KEVIN BROWN, Heaton, Newcastle
For the desperate - or inebriated - looking for cheap, post-pub scares, this will do.
Summary: A general manager, who in an inebriated state allegedly groped a waitress at a beach club in Jebel Ali, was charged with molestation and consumption of liquor on Wednesday.
West Midlands Fire Service praised the bravery of Mr Sheehan in rescuing the woman who was said to have been inebriated.
In this second episode, after finding an inebriated patient on her waiting-room floor, Mary goes out on the front line to join the fight against alcohol.
Those who said they had seen their parents inebriated were twice as likely to have been drunk several times.
Free Ride Back" aims at keeping inebriated drivers off the Valley's streets and is offered year round by the cab company.
KK wants alcohol banned so we are not subjected to inebriated visitors.