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Although I think it's safe to say it would be almost impossible to eat too much kale because, basically, it's inedible.
In terms of imports, "Crude materials, inedible (except fuel)" and "Beverages and tobacco) had the biggest growth, 16.
He called on Kuwaiti Municipality's affiliated market control bodies to intensify efforts to crackdown on companies and individuals trading in inedible, expired, or spoiled foodstuff and to report all cases to the persecution take required legal actions.
The Aeromexico-operated Boeing 737-700 can carry up to 124 passengers and is using a blend of 15% Green Jet Fuel which is made using process technology from UOP from the inedible plant camelina along with petroleum-based fuel.
Not only did the female spiders end mating sooner with an inedible gift, but male death feigning (thanatosis) - which is triggered by the female attempting to end mating and run away with the gift) - occurred in half of the matings involving an edible gift, but only once with a worthless gift.
99, pecan nutmeats, in-shell pecans, and in the inedible components (shuck, shell and middle septum) of in-shell pecans.
The connecting flight, operated by GOL Airlines on a Boeing 737 commercial aircraft, used Honeywell Green Jet Fuel produced from used cooking oil and inedible corn oil.
For some individuals, the texture or taste of inedible items may give positive sensory input.
Other algae, largely inedible, such as Halimeda species, offer hiding places for youngsters dodging predators.
It can rapidly turn the vegetable into an inedible mush.
The biodiesel was produced using the oil of Jatropha curcas, an inedible flowering plant, referred to as the "bellyache bush" in some parts of the English-speaking Caribbean.
Those are on the way, if they aren't here already - inevitable, and inedible.