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In the period January - August 2017 compared to the corresponding period of 2016 the largest growths in imports from the EU distributed according to the Standard International Trade Classification were reported in the sections AaAaAeAcCrude materials, inedible (except fuel)AaAaAeAc (53.
Although I think it's safe to say it would be almost impossible to eat too much kale because, basically, it's inedible.
He called on Kuwaiti Municipality's affiliated market control bodies to intensify efforts to crackdown on companies and individuals trading in inedible, expired, or spoiled foodstuff and to report all cases to the persecution take required legal actions.
If you water them erratically, they may succumb to blossom end rot, where the base of the tomato turns brown and renders them inedible.
This novel technology enables the use of cheaper, high FFA content and inedible feedstocks, such as distillers corn oil from ethanol refining, waste vegetable oils, animal fats, and unrefined oils, without the costly purification and refining processes.
Boil it the same time these days and it will be an inedible soggy mess.
Unlike "edible" meats, inedible meats don't have to be kept chilled once they have been diverted to an "inedible" bin (chilling keeps any bacteria that may be present from proliferating).
The biodiesel was produced using the oil of Jatropha curcas, an inedible flowering plant, referred to as the "bellyache bush" in some parts of the English-speaking Caribbean.
It can rapidly turn the vegetable into an inedible mush.
In a project led by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the first flight, operated by Aeromexico Airlines on a Boeing 777, used Honeywell Green Jet Fuel produced from jatropha and camelina, both inedible plants.
99, pecan nutmeats, in-shell pecans, and in the inedible components (shuck, shell and middle septum) of in-shell pecans.
Most gifts contain insects, but some gifts are inedible plant seeds or empty exoskeletons left after the prey has already been eaten (presumably by the male himself