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Experts ineducation, with a firmly established reputation as one of the leading service providers in the North West.
So our effort will bear fruitful results in educating peopleand the day is not away when girls in Pakistan will get their due rights ineducation, inheritance, jobs etc, Hayat hoped.
I hope it encourages them, because it helps you ineducation to be good in sports.
Theorizing masculinity in educational settings", enBecky Francis y Christine Skelton (eds.), Investigating gender.Contemporary perspectives ineducation, Buckingham.
<br />Global services provided include artificial intelligence, business intelligence, robotics, economic development,innovations ineducation, STEM and STEAM integration in workforce development, franchising and licensing.
Thecompany has partnered with local organisations, and has invested ineducation and professional workforce development programmes that promotea highly skilled, motivated and productive workforce.
"I wish one day I can be responsible for implementing the role of graphic design ineducation, health, tourism, politics, social design, and every field where design can contribute in promoting our country ...
InEducation Technology and Computer Science (ETCS), 2010 Second International Workshop on, 2: 74-77.
The committee is to review existing research and good practices ineducation in Cyprus and abroad and undertake new relevant research on howeducation can contribute to conflict transformation, peace, reconciliation and the countering of prejudice, discrimination, racism, xenophobia and extremism, according to an official statement.
For her part, the UNICEF Resident Representativein Syria Hanaa Singer said before the current crisis, Syria had achieved high standards ineducation with a school enrollment rate of over
According to Philip Coombs's viewpoint, the development is going to be emerged ineducation; it should be started from in management [11].