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The person who launched it on its new career was that remarkable man who, without learning, with few virtues, and with no strength of character, has nevertheless stamped himself ineffaceably on history by the force of a vivid imagination, and by the help of a genuine and burning love for his fellow-men, for which much will always have to be forgiven him.
His "horror of hospitals" is explained by his impression of "the absence of privacy, the complete subjection of the helpless patients, the inelasticity of regulations, the crushing of individuality--this dreadful vision had ineffaceably impressed itself on his imagination, the imagination of an extreme individualist with a passion for living his own life free of the obligation to justify or explain it" (324).
Her personal appearance and bearing are ineffaceably stamped upon my memory.
A tall girl in gray, whose deep, controlled voice vibrated in their ears, like the far-off sounds we hear at night from woods or the sea, whose face was ineffaceably marked, whose air impressed with a sense of mystery.
We will see how the effects of overdetermined specularity on African-American subjects depend on "racial," epidermal markings being naturalized differences which are there, ineffaceably in full view on "black" bodies, as opposed to corporeal inscriptions which have been imposed onto the bodies of African-American subjects at any particular time.