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He remarked that the court order giving protection to the promotion could be withdrawn because if the ground had become ineffective how the promotions could sustain.
To promote a less cash economy coercive steps like demonetisation are ineffective.
Ryan, which says that if state habeas lawyers fail to raise the issue of ineffective trial counsel, the federal courts can still hear it to ensure that defendants are guaranteed their Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial.
7bn Newton Global Income fund, has said that commercial banks have become ineffective.
2) Discussion of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claim.
On this apex court disposed off petition while declaring it ineffective.
The members concluded that Sativex oromucosal cannabinoid spray is probably effective for improving subjective spasticity symptoms for periods of 5-10 weeks and possibly ineffective when used for longer periods or for reducing MS-related tremor.
The provincial health department conducted laboratory test of the spray, after which it was dawned upon them that the spray was actually ineffective.
Hospital's "Policy for Medically Ineffective (Futile) Treatment" states: "Medically ineffective refers to treatment that would not offer the patient any significant benefit.
address the problem of ineffective attorneys in state criminal cases.
In a pilot study, pozanicline (a medication made by Abbott), also known as nicotinic receptor partial agonist ABT-089, was found to be ineffective in adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
explores the interaction between law and society, arguing that the institution of law in economically advanced and socially complex countries is essentially a reactive mechanism that responds to changes in the core activities and values of social life and is an ineffective regulator of behavior and, therefore, an ineffective mechanism for (re)shaping society.