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24) By mentally discarding ineffective responses in advance, officers limit their response options, which reduces reaction time.
However, the employee communication discipline is perceived as relatively unimportant and ineffective.
while most mills live with this type of loss, a piece of equipment operating at 80% efficiency is so ineffective that it might as well be taking 1.
The S election was ineffective because the ineligible trust was a shareholder when the election was filed.
What seems to be ineffective inoculation, however, may be the result of any number of factors.
They can analyze, for instance, the presence of "untested attributions" or "unillustrated evaluations" used in the conversation, and get deeper insights into the reasons for defensive attitudes and ineffective communication.
TM] focuses on helping participants turn ineffective or nonexistent procedures into clear communications that are user-focused, task-oriented, accessible, and easy to follow and maintain.
ROBERTA Owen appears to think when talking about "wind farms" that inefficient and ineffective are not the same.
New Delhi, Dec 12: Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan has recommended retirement from service of any judicial officer who is unfit, ineffective, incompetent or has doubtful integrity.
141(c) (Review Proceedings in Collateral or Post-Conviction Criminal Cases; Belated Appeals or Ineffective Assistance of Appellate Counsel) not previously subject to public comment.
And they were not only ineffective for Pax, they were ineffective for most of the people in the program.
The assistance there was welcome, but largely ineffective.