ineffective trial

See: mistrial
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Ryan, which says that if state habeas lawyers fail to raise the issue of ineffective trial counsel, the federal courts can still hear it to ensure that defendants are guaranteed their Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial.
doctrine meant that a defendant who had an ineffective trial attorney,
The number of ineffective trial rates at the magistrates' court is falling and now stands at 17.
The project will save money by reducing ineffective trial hearings and will make better use of the court's time.
Almost all federal appeals courts have taken it to only include ineffective trial counsel claims (including Gorsuch's court in 2012), but the 9th U.
Government inspectors have come up with findings that show the number of offenders brought to justice has risen substantially since 2003, and the ineffective trial rate at magistrates' court is falling.
In the appeal, Dow argues that another appellate attorney failed to investigate whether Paredes was taking psychiatric medication when he waived his right to challenge his sentence based on ineffective trial counsel.
The ineffective trial rate for local magistrates' courts in the 12 months to September stood at 17.
It is hoped the units will create savings by reducing the time police, prosecutors and counsel waste attending ineffective trial hearings and the extra costs associated with having to reschedule hearings.
A cracked trial is when a case is concluded without a trial and an ineffective trial happens when a hearing is cancelled on the day it was due to go ahead and has to be delayed to a later date.
Ineffective trials are those in which matters are adjourned to a future date.