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Catcher Toby Hall - whose own playing time also is jeopardized by Hendrickson's ineffectiveness because he only catches on days when Hendrickson starts - led off the inning with a one-hopper to right field that was hit so sharply that Ryan Freel almost threw him out at first.
Reasons parents sited most often for being dissatisfied with their current parental controls software were: blocking too many acceptable sites, ability of children to circumvent the parental controls, ineffectiveness, and difficulty in using the program.
Thanks to youngsters like Aybar, Kemp and Guzman Seo's ineffectiveness was minimized.
5 million to $19 million, to account for the third quarter hedge ineffectiveness discussed previously.
Cervantes's version - what Hutchinson calls the author's "diverse intonation" - is at variance with other so-called Baroque examples such as Gracian's (and, I would add, with the picaresque), and therefore proves the term's ineffectiveness.
Repeated stun application can indicate ineffectiveness and diminished efficacy while increasing health risks.
And your ineffectiveness and feelings of despair will multiply, say doctors, when the chemicals in your brain - and not external circumstances - are consistently getting you down.
He failed to complete five innings in eight of his 24 starts, chalking much of his ineffectiveness up to post-surgery blues.
I really don't think the pesticides used has resulted in ineffectiveness.
Increasing transmission by heterosexual contact suggests both an absence and/or ineffectiveness of HIV awareness and education programs.
Administrators added that the inmates are causing their own injuries by overexposing themselves to the product and claiming the product's ineffectiveness just to keep their razors.