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For these derivatives--and only these derivatives--quantify the cumulative balances of the derivatives' gains or losses at the end of FY2017 that are due to the hedges' ineffectiveness.
Ahmad Mahdavi Abhari told Shana that the massive presence of foreign and Iranian companies in the exhibition is indicative of the ineffectiveness of sanctions and attraction of Iran's oil and gas industries.
Ghazanfari said Iran's trade exchange with other countries was roughly $200 billion which proves the ineffectiveness of the sanctions imposed on the country by the West.
Under the recognition model for cash flow hedges, ineffectiveness is recognized only to the extent that the cumulative change in the fair value of the derivative instrument exceeds the cumulative change in the expected future cash flows from the hedged transaction.
The lack of studies meeting WWC evidence standards means that, at this time, the WWC is unable to draw any conclusions based on research about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of "Odyssey Reading" on adolescent learners.
The opposition Shiv Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party point to his ineffectiveness in dealing with the power crisis in the state, the escalating prices of essential goods and flight of industries to the neighbouring state of Gujarat.
THE Kirklees Council wind turbine on top of Civic Centre 3 which cost pounds 101,000, has produced pounds 2,078 of electricity, required pounds 6,431 in repairs and maintenance and has been broken down since last March is surely rather an extreme demonstration of the ineffectiveness of wind power?
The most commonly reported depressive symptoms among the 144 teens in the study included ineffectiveness and negative mood.
I admit that my poster does not address the issue of language development per se, but it does address the overall issue of the ineffectiveness of so-called educational DVDs in influencing global intellectual development of babies at a very early stage.
At 6-months' follow-up, BGM frequency retained a significant correlation with total CDI scores and with the negative mood, ineffectiveness, and negative self-esteem subscales (P less than .
HOW long must long-suffering users of the Mersey Tunnels have to put up with the ineffectiveness of the Tunnel Police?
The President said the allegations made by the general public about corruption and ineffectiveness of the legal system are frequently justified.