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He said FATA Olympic Association is a key unit of the Pakistan Olympic Association so how can one declare it as defang or ineffectual body.
What will make a difference to obesity is proper education and encouragement for people to follow a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, and not ineffectual gestures.
Summary: RAS AL KHAIMAH - A radar installed by the emirate's Traffic Police at Sham Al Rams Street to spot traffic law violators was vandalised by someone who sprayed a coloured chemical on it making it ineffectual.
The Quartet has proven since its establishment in 2002 and its so-called Roadmap for Peace a year later that it is a completely useless and ineffectual body.
rogerb: "Just shows how ineffectual Kirklees dog wardens and enforcement officers are when all they have achieved in 12 months is 10 cautions and fixed penalty fines and only five of these have been paid.
Clement Attlee was regarded as a weak, ineffectual person who was elected leader because it was thought he could be easily controlled.
Branko Gorgeski from Dnevnik believes that the institutions' explanations that the security situation is stabile are ineffectual when the experience has already taught us otherwise.
Can they not see the voters of North Wales are crying out for an alternative to the current ineffectual Plaid candidates?
On the issue of protecting ports from potential threats coming aboard shipping containers, critics charge that current DHS container scanning methods are inefficient and ineffectual.
1 : not effective : ineffectual <an inefficient repair>
As are the gimme, gimme, gimme kids whose ineffectual parents feel guilty if they can't come up with the goodies demanded.
In business kindness is viewed as a weakness, and the perception of kind leaders is that they are ineffectual.