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Furthermore, the increasing ineffectuality of his masculine authority and pursuits all too neatly associates him with the decline of male Afrikaner authority in the face of changing political ideologies.
Power, physicality and self-respect have held center stage in working-class masculinities and thus it is significant that the films listed above present us with pervasive images of male ineffectuality and powerlessness, often vis-a-vis women, both in public and private spheres, raising questions about how hegemonic white working-class masculinity can be on or off screen.
In Hemingway's early fiction, road food not only evokes knowledge, connoisseurship, and authentic experience, but also serves to expose a lack of authenticity, subverting the threat of two would-be hit-men by underscoring their ineffectuality.
That is a path most likely to ensure isolation and ineffectuality, and to leave the public forum to those invested in perpetuating the militarism that permeates our society.
As recent events again sadly prove, these days even many of our top brass appear to find significance through a combination of self-aggrandizement and ineffectuality.
However, some instances of the speaker's chronicling her own ineffectuality feel, well .
The former are usually members of the decadent aristocracy, minor gentry or hangers-on, and the legitimacy of their social pretensions is only matched by the ineffectuality of their artistic ones: a case in point is Bleak House's Mr Turveydrop, Master of Deportment, who reclines on his sofa "like the second gentleman in Europe", pines for the Regency, and gives his son the name of Prince--his exploited, sickly son whose mission in life is to ensure that "deportment is not wholly trodden under foot by mechanics" (ch.
Perhaps even more striking than the moral bankruptcy of the profiled financiers is the staggering ineffectuality of Canadian regulators and law enforcement to respond.
Members of corporate volunteer councils (eves), groups of businesses that come together to discuss and share best practices on employee volunteer programs, need to have a shared vision and open lines of communication between the various entities or risk ineffectuality, according to members of HandsOn Network's Corporate Volunteer Council Advisory Council (CVCAC).
The greatest example of the Arab League's ineffectuality is, of course, the fact that it has been unable to do anything to improve the Palestinians' situation in more than 60 years.
What is perhaps most galling is the ineptitude and ineffectuality of the state administration in dealing with these virtual insurrections.
In his probing discussion of the complex nexus of knowledge and power in Il principe, Ascoli shows us a text that actually participates in the political utopianism that it appears to deride; paradoxically furnishes the means of its own destruction; and, perhaps most curiously, seems to foresee its ineffectuality, its failure to achieve its personal and political aims.