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Loutish thugs offend with impunity, and innocent crime victims are re-victimised by the leniency and ineffectualness of prosecutors and courts.
Vanya takes charge of his and his mother's lives, that is to say, thereby challenging the commonly held conviction about the ineffectualness of individual action in Russia, eloquently if fatalistically summed up in the phrase "at nas nichego ne zavisit" ("nothing depends on us").
Taleb also predicted that the Federal Reserve will likely be eliminated within decades because of its ineffectualness.
The integrity of the justice system can thus be threatened by both the reality and perception of ineffectualness.
Though messieurs Barzegar and Rajabi do not, perhaps could not, detail the more explicitly partisan aspects of the Iranian state, the plot does glimmer with trace elements of the macho culture that provides the underpinnings of popular politics -- Iranian or otherwise -- whether the immaturity of Sina's dad, Massoud's thuggish-ness or the childlike ineffectualness of Sina himself.
Thankfully Perch was put out of his misery, and the introduction of Barton on the right, only highlighted Guthrie's ineffectualness in that position.
The ineffectualness of John's character is established elsewhere in the telescript by his responding Polonius-like to a maidservant's allusion to her "baby boy's bonny bum.
Detective-Sergeant Kavanagh, head of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), while disputing the alleged extent of the gold stealing problem, acknowledged the ineffectualness of police responses to it which, according to him, was equivalent to 'a child endeavouring to bail out a river with a spoon'.
Stark attempts to defend himself, but these allegations of ineffectualness have burdened him long before the interview.
That this suspicion is the symptom of a long self-concealed and equally well-founded suspicion of the literary itself--"the literary" in an even broader sense than that of Degre zero--becomes clearer with every new critical or theoretical initiative, clear even in the ineffectualness of attempts (like Paul de Man's) to rescue the literary.
The success of the masculine within the limits of the play contrasts with the increasing ineffectualness of the masculine socially.