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The evaluation of writing as precarious and isolated suggests Marcel's ineffectualness and remoteness from the world.
There's a fine line between conviction and radicalism, between moralism and sanctimoniousness, between thoughtfulness and ineffectualness, between resolve and stubbornness.
The Commission for Gender Equality, an independent statutory body established in 1996 to monitor the government, private sphere and civil society, including the Office on the Status of Women, has been similarly plagued (103, 115): it is "hobbled by perennial infighting, mediocre performance and ineffectualness so severe that its complete disappearance would go unnoticed.
Phinehas conveyed this information to Moses, who realized its significance--showing God's love for His people, the prophetic beauty of Balaam's meshalim, and the ineffectualness of pagan sorcery.
Therefore, one of the more striking features of Sutton Brown's discourse was its relative ineffectualness.
While some will point to a similar ineffectualness in last season's Champions League semifinal defeat to Chelsea, it is premature to talk of a permanent decline.
Loutish thugs offend with impunity, and innocent crime victims are re-victimised by the leniency and ineffectualness of prosecutors and courts.
Internet policy debates have proven the ineffectualness of multilateralism as the United States strives to lead and others fail to follow.
But this is not the point; rather, I take it to be demonstrating that iTunes excellently achieves the goal of participation, and that thereby I have given some evidence for the ineffectualness of the end of participation for cultural innovation with respect to criticism.
Vanya takes charge of his and his mother's lives, that is to say, thereby challenging the commonly held conviction about the ineffectualness of individual action in Russia, eloquently if fatalistically summed up in the phrase "at nas nichego ne zavisit" ("nothing depends on us").
Taleb also predicted that the Federal Reserve will likely be eliminated within decades because of its ineffectualness.