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If many inefficacious drugs were released onto the market prior to 1962 and if after 1962 the FDA successfully identified such drugs in the testing process and removed them from the pipeline, then a decline in the number of new drugs would be expected and applauded.
The chronic and episodic nature of mental illness makes such a conceptualization not only ineffective from a treatment perspective, but inefficacious when considering the fiscal expenditures over time.
His dispossession reveals a falseness and exclusivity in his expressed vision that renders it utterly inefficacious.
The burdens on you will be insupportable - your complaints will be inefficacious .
Hard as this may be for many left-wing academics to accept, recent opinion polls suggest that politically inefficacious white reactionaries may be more numerous than politically inefficacious progressive persons of color.
Though the witches' charms are inefficacious, they take their power from sympathetic magic, the notion that words and actions can bring matter into being.
Our goal is to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to realize the full potential of their molecules by solving the problem of inefficacious deposition.
or to fret that inefficacious legal rules will crowd out and debilitate
10) Recently, perhaps owing to more specific concerns over the economic and social damage inflicted by inefficacious public schools, educational reform strategies began to soften an almost instinctive institutional aversion to market forces.
Whatever works, one might say, despite an earlier inefficacious blessing.
Many believe that providing unneeded health services and overtreating can actually be harmful, and thus that inefficacious or only marginally beneficial services should be identified and eliminated.
E&P companies have historically relied upon inefficacious, costly, time-consuming procedures.