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13) Representations of oracles as inefficacious, in contrast, tended to dwell obsessively on the messy materiality of the ritual practices involved in the production of prophecy, in order to emphasize that these rituals were historically contingent, human creations and therefore susceptible to critique.
Often however, even when PSRP is available, symptom certainty may be undermined by a variety of reasons: PSRP may be incompatible with objective diagnostic findings and the subjective nature of pain assessment as well as medical treatments and standards of care may be inefficacious.
we must also work toward identifying techniques that are either clearly inefficacious or harmful (pp.
Platonist or transcendent realism holds that properties are abstract objects in the (post-Fregeanly) classical sense, of being nonmental, nonspatial, and causally inefficacious.
Those who have mismanaged the settlement process with the false belief that they could solve the matter with inefficacious security bureaucrats and who have made everyone think like that.
In Africa, the lack of access to innovative drugs makes the population vulnerable to counterfeits and inefficacious copies of medicines that are much needed.
Set against the backdrop of the inefficacious government that has disappointed him, the subject is offered the "call" to participate in creating a government that will eventually lead him to prosperity.
3) He argued that the first principle of liberation jurisprudence, as he labeled the legal philosophy that flowed from liberation theology, (4) is that "individuals, communities, and humanity as a whole are called to a journey, a pilgrimage, to a destiny that fulfills human nature but transcends it in ways we do not understand," (5) one in which "we are called to pursue an unknown end by inefficacious means.
Department of Public Health--have turned out to be not merely inefficacious but counterproductive, harming the very causes they aimed to assist because of the countermovements they provoked.
It is my belief, however, that, had I attempted a different order of composition, my faculties would not have been found so pointless and inefficacious It was a folly, with the materiality of this daily life pressing so intrusively upon me, to attempt to fling myself back into another age; or to insist on creating the semblance of a world out of airy matter, when, at every moment, the impalpable beauty of my soap-bubble was broken by the rude contact of some actual circumstance.
Rather than realize and admit that his philosophy is inhuman and inefficacious, with a doleful expression on his face Eugene degenerates into an uncontrollable fit of anger and beats Kambili into a state of unconsciousness to the extent that she is brought to the point that the final rites ("extreme unction") are administered to her.
We, however, had not expected that the G-SAC would be so inefficacious, given that all of the other ACT-related elements and components have demonstrated significant positive effect sizes when compared to various other conditions (Levin et al.