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These plays replace Jonson's radical depiction of efficacious pagan sacrifices with a polemic version of them as dependent on blood offerings and as inefficacious when compared with the direct revelations and commands provided by the voice of a god that is strongly implied to be Christian.
(23) MacGregor is more succinct: "Molina argued that, intrinsically, God's general concurrence is neither efficacious nor inefficacious. Rather, it is intrinsically neutral and is extrinsically made efficacious or inefficacious by the pertinent secondary agents" (160).
(7) As Saba Bazargan points out, the soldier who is wholly causally inefficacious is at the very least, in principle, signing on potentially to be a "willing human shield"; see Saba Bazargan, "Killing Minimally Responsible Threats," Ethics 125, no.
Results of those trials indicate that although n-3 PUFA treatment is generally inefficacious for improving cognition, immediate recall may be a treatment-responsive domain [7].
Where it must be inefficacious: where it cannot act so as to prevent the mischief.").
Nevertheless, such measures for doping control have always been criticized as being inefficacious. The numbers of what laymen call "positive tests," and officials refer to as "adverse analytical findings," remain constantly low at about 1%-2% of all samples analyzed; however, there are indications of a significantly higher prevalence of doping (3).
Here is where Titmuss and his proposal of rejecting the inefficacious market solutions to dependency by a gift relationship based in equality enter into the scene.
If the intravenous combination of amiodarone and betablockers proves inefficacious, the addition of lidocaine is a reasonable option (Fuchs 2008).
The same scenario will result should other small nations that are victims of bullying by the Chinese bring their protests before this inefficacious court.
Despite suggesting that "primitive theism" may be superior to "ethnic religions" as preparation for the Gospel, Zwemer maintained that both belief systems were equally inefficacious since they lacked biblical revelation.
(Approximately 99 percent of readers misunderstand it.) The piece was intended to demonstrate that 1) good outcomes are associated with good choices made by families and thus 2) we cannot conclude that schools and neighborhoods do not matter because such conclusions are invalidated by selection; that 3) we cannot tell whether "bad" families are inefficacious because they only have bad choices open to them or because they would make bad choices even if offered good ones; and 4) we ought to be far more open to any policy that makes better choices available to families who now have little or no choice open to them.
The hard-of-hearing bought the story and the company's inefficacious product.