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He was on his feet, flinging his arms, his rhetoric, and his control to the winds, alternately abusing Ernest for his youth and demagoguery, and savagely attacking the working class, elaborating its inefficiency and worthlessness.
None of the fragments of any considerable size had been washed more than three or four mile down the river below their parent-source: considering th singular rapidity of the great body of water in the Sant Cruz, and that no still reaches occur in any part, this example is a most striking one, of the inefficiency of rivers i transporting even moderately-sized fragments.
This universal inefficiency of what he called "the shore gang" he ascribed in general to the want of responsibility and to a sense of security.
But," he went on in a good-natured tone, "the foreign governments cannot complain of the inefficiency of our police.
They can also learn about the most common sources of process inefficiency from Exigen's guides to "Spotting the Symptoms of Corporate Cholesterol" for the insurance, banking and communications industries.
Respondents also indicated that business process inefficiency is affecting their ability to compete - 50% said that competitive pressure is the main driver for business process improvement.
The survey showed that the most common symptom of business process inefficiency is that customer inquiries result in a flurry of internal calls and emails.
In Smith's opinion, the IT sector's recovery has been slowed--in part--by the inefficiency and waste that is a result of solutions that are too complex and do not fit developers' needs.
The report urges large companies to view the problem not simply in terms of what they stand to lose through inefficiency, but in terms of what they could gain from improved processes.
The solution goes a step beyond the major consulting firms, with modules that can also identify financial savings opportunities and reduce inefficiency in a variety of process segments.
The IPI Center for Education Freedom of the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) recently compiled the results of the most important education studies and interpreted their collective meaning in its report "No Voice, No Exit: The Inefficiency of America's Public Schools.
When properly deployed, e-business streamlines processes and creates transparency, both highlighting and eliminating waste and inefficiency.