inefficient management

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Description : Weak health systems have a number of commonalities: Insufficient and erratic funding, inefficient management, poor governance and lack of social accountability.
says, "Using this inventory tracking system allows a hospital to avoid issues associated with expired inventory: inefficient management of supply purchases, waste and financial losses associated with inventory that cannot be used.
The real issue may not necessarily be inadequate supply but inefficient management.
Due to inefficient management, Lebanon makes use of only 17 percent of an average annual rainfall of 8 billion cubic meters.
The Kyrgyzkomur state enterprise has a debt for 70 million soms for the period from 2010 to the present time due to inefficient management of former heads of the enterprise, said in the calculations of CEO of the enterprise Narynbek Satybaldiyev.
However, a complex distribution network of second and third-tier pharmaceutical distributors, said to be 100 times more than Japan's, coupled with inefficient management systems for the distribution of medical supplies, has led to increases in the cost of medical treatment.
New York Magazine recently wrote that Loeb's "preferred strategy" is to buy into troubled companies," replace inefficient management, and return the companies to profitability, which "is the key to his success.
According to the report of the National Audit Office, the inefficient management of funds and properties by administrative bodies is most often the result of poor planning, lack of clear responsibilities, adequate control and highly skilled workers.
The eBook's author, Momentis Systems' UK Managing Director Dominic Potter, reveals how the franchise model offers the lowest risk route to international markets but explains how inefficient management processes of franchisees and insufficient understanding of new markets result in huge overheads that are unsustainable.
Other contributing factors are a decaying industrial base, poor infrastructure and inefficient management.
Former executives at Sears have criticized Lampert for an inefficient management style, the Post (http://www.
The alternative to delaying the elections is the spread of further unlawfulness and wider corruption, and ultimately, the continued waste of Libya's resources partly by inefficient management and also by criminal activity taking advantage of the present lawlessness.