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Like any business, Lewis's fortunes waxed and waned over the years but what finally killed it off was Liverpool council's ludicrously prolonged and inefficiently executed Big Dig.
In a white paper, the industry group said "the government often operates inefficiently or, in the worst case, ineffectively" in responding to such events.
Before the availability of LPM, companies tracked leases inefficiently using e-mail, passing PDF files and Excel attachments of deal terms, net effective rent calculations and lease abstracts among team members before getting the final version approved and entered into the property management software.
Overweight children are also less stable on their feet so they walk more inefficiently and slower.
United Teachers Los Angeles has long maintained that the district spends money inefficiently, pumping up a bloated bureaucracy instead of providing adequate support to classrooms.
Many of the enteric viruses of public health concern in drinking water are not culturable, or are cultured only with difficulty and inefficiently in host cells, so other methods have been sought to detect them in water samples.
Ineffectively prioritizing and inefficiently allocating resources to deal with risk.
And, because utilities may also bill a surcharge for consuming energy inefficiently below a minimum power factor level (typically caused by large motor loads), an EEM system can intelligently control capacitor banks to correct low power factor and again avoid penalties.
And they did so with an inefficiently organized, decentralized government still dominated at most levels by a landed class limited in both vision and experience, armed with a set of ideological paradigms that for the most part were either irrelevant or appalling.
But a spokesman for ABP, which owns large plants in Northern Ireland, Shropshire and Perth, said any abattoir that operated inefficiently would close as part of a natural selection process.
On the subject of MRSA, I have never read of a private hospital reporting a case of MRSA so this goes to prove that the NHS is being run inefficiently by the Government.