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The force modification factor R[micro] is intended to be a simple tool to accomplish an inelastic design and its specified code values depend upon material of construction and the type of structural system used.
A thorough discussion of the role and modeling of thermal activation in inelastic flow (in polycrystalline materials) has been given by Kocks, Argon, and Ashby (17).
The literatures on oil demand in the Middle East countries have generally observed that oil demand is income elastic and price inelastic for their study period.
The computational methods of buckling for elastic and inelastic instability of thin-walled compressive member are discussed in this paper.
The authors speculate, analogous to the authors of last winter's article, that the only young smokers left are price inelastic, like their elders.
We also expect to find the demand for terrorism insurance to be more price inelastic for reasons we explained in the Introduction.
By contrast, when aggregate demand is inelastic, the changes of both real gross domestic product and the price level are larger with a resulting larger deficit in the balance of trade.
Therefore, the most vulnerable social categories of the population will be protected, as well as the part of the demand that is absolutely inelastic with respect to price movements.
Myofascial pain due to inflammation of the inelastic fascia, which attaches the muscles to bone.
On the basis of this theory, including large strain and inelastic behaviors, bifurcation and instability are developed with a special focus on the modeling of the emergence of local instabilities such as shear band formation and flutter of continuum.
Finally, the Raman component provides a chemical fingerprint derived from the inelastic Raman scattering related to the molecular mass, bond strength, crystal symmetry, and orientation with the material.