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The inelegance is overcome by a superior power or state of
And I didn't want to have to chase a van up the road in a state of sartorial inelegance.
useless ugly inelegance of the stunted middle-class mind, academic or
Once distributed, the asymmetrical idiom that suffuses more humanist narratives of action becomes a 'bad guide' to ethics, politics, or experience (Haraway, 2003, page 8); and this misguidance is extended to language in which the linguistic inelegance of speaking about socio-natural-technical entanglements is proof of its compliance with the mastery of 'monstrosity in the world'.
For example, they out-performed the in-service teachers in description of the Case 2 Argument due to their paying greater attention to the inelegance of the Case 1 Argument.
As this is the age of internet news reporting, nothing sells more than reports about celebrity deaths and sex scandals hence it is no surprise that limits of inelegance have reached new echelons in news reporting.
Beyond the inelegance of such parallels, inaccuracies quickly emerge, although impressionable Anglo-Saxon audiences gobble them up frequently.
The onomatopoeia of lokschen conveys the awkwardness of eating it, its sheer inelegance.
2) Allow me the inelegance of referring to my own article on dilemmas in the Greek Novel (AN 2010), in which I treat this episode.
The deterioration of Eddie Greanapan, Black's principal defence attorney, "is objectively sad, and is made more so by the inelegance of his acts of denial and displacement of responsibility for his own shortcomings and aggressive paranoia" (he was particularly upset by an interview Greenspan gave The Globe and Mail in October 2009).
Obviously aiming at as precise a rendering of Sadra's thought as English allows, the translation suffers from slight inelegance and the occasional Arabic idiom.
While we may relate eating with our hands to unseemliness and inelegance, we also associate it with innocence, a simpler time and a more primitive time when the dining experience consisted of food, hands, mouth, repeat.