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2) Allow me the inelegance of referring to my own article on dilemmas in the Greek Novel (AN 2010), in which I treat this episode.
Obviously aiming at as precise a rendering of Sadra's thought as English allows, the translation suffers from slight inelegance and the occasional Arabic idiom.
While we may relate eating with our hands to unseemliness and inelegance, we also associate it with innocence, a simpler time and a more primitive time when the dining experience consisted of food, hands, mouth, repeat.
Obara called on the Directors of the African Security and Inelegance Services to enhance coordination and to establish a joint data base for intelligence information in order to assist in the realization of peace and security in AfricaCongo Brazzaville's Chief of Intelligence and Security Services and Chief of Committee CISSA for 2010 -2011, Col.
My objection is not to the look itself, but the inelegance of the phrase.
The Beautiful, gratuitous, turns to the ornamental, repudiated; the Useful, alone, or what is useful to mediocre needs, expresses some inelegance.
Practicing conservatism in the worst sense of the term, Lindsey pines for the days prior to the Internet and talk radio when network oligarchs and taxpayer-funded television forced the right to rely on a few "intellectual champions" of "sheer brilliance" who covered for the inelegance of the unwashed masses behind them.
There were also practical reasons for the document's hybridity and inelegance.
Mr Parker thought that, although the machines were not objects on which the eye could rest with any sensible degree of pleasure, yet the benefits expected to be derived from sea-bathing might very well induce residents and visitors to pardon the inelegance of their shape.
For Rymer, this moment in the play epitomized its inelegance, for Sophia appears much less "a Woman of great spirit" than Herodian's Julia--so poor was the drama that it was aesthetically inferior to the raw history.
However, Julia revealed that working with Clive, who happens to be her pal, was easy because there was no inelegance between them.
His sartorial inelegance was explained to me that he was striving, against his better judgement, to be one of the boys as, after all, Port Talbot is only a steel-making town.