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Russia is not engaged in the change of regimes, offering elegant or inelegant ways to step aside - this is what Russia has never been engaged in," Peskov told reporters.
It was an inelegant exit, dollying up to cover off a lusty leading edge.
Mark Peterson, sustainable business manager for Sustainable Connections, suggested a simple if inelegant solution--draw lines that mark when the garbage bin is a quarter full, half full and three-quarters full, and record how high the waste is piled on pick-up day.
Outpositioning his marker to swing a right foot at a corner kick, the inelegant shot dribbled low and slow, but was enough to beat lunging keeper Sayed Mohammed Abbas.
The gum and the slightly inelegant walk are the only giveaway - she's not from that sort of stock.
8200;Meme le grand joueur ivoirien, Yaya Toure, a tacle a sa maniere ce contre-pied inelegant et rate du Maroc estimant que les causes sont a chercher ailleurs.
One of the major issues here is that every subscriber, application, and device is treated in the same way and, when the network gets clogged, service quality takes an inelegant nosedive.
It's not simply that the gear they wear is inelegant and lurid, or that the event appears to have more to do with tourism than sport.
At 20 feet long, it is ''the size of a delivery truck; we might actually be able to put this asteroid in a garage,'' said Northern Arizona University astronomer Michael Mommert, who studied the rock, which goes by the inelegant name of 2011 MD.
It looked like more of the same at the start of the second half when Lewandowski's effort was turned behind for a corner by Lodigin, but the hosts hauled themselves back into the game just before the hour, albeit in inelegant fashion.
If your balance and technique is right, you don't fall over in an inelegant way.
Thou shalt be boring, untidy, inelegant and unattractive at times.