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The likeliest outcome in Iraq is that the government of Iraq will muddle along imperfectly and inelegantly, with continued but non-catastrophic violence and slow but non-zero economic and political development, in spite of the US withdrawal," said Stephen Biddle, of the Council on Foreign Affairs, aWashington-based think-tank.
Doctors, statisticians and officials thus worked hard towards preventing suicides, prompted by their belief that they could shape society, including moral norms and traditional values, throughpolitical and scientific measures in what Pinnow rather inelegantly calls "the Soviet social science state.
art"(31)--abbreviated typically, if inelegantly, as
Locals call this, inelegantly, the Hog's Back, and it's spectacular enough to make you think all the other landmarks were just warm-ups.
She was back to try and claw back the chain of high street clothes shops that were now being controlled by her half-sister, the rather inelegantly named Nesta, and get a foot in the door of her family-owned fashion label The House Of Bea.
Later American efforts wrangled equally inelegantly, attempting to promote and protect freedom and provide for free and open expression, all at the same time.
But people started to pay a little more attention in June, when The New York Times broke news that Google had decided to cover the additional tax its many gay employees face through a policy that is inelegantly known in human resources parlance as "grossing up.
In Hung Up Aesthetic, 2007-10, a bundle of the artist's used clothes, a toy crown, and crafty knickknacks inelegantly slathered in white paint were slung over the metal cross brace in the second gallery.
In the West, corporate slang has inelegantly constructed the verb 'bangalored' to refer to jobs lost to India's most successful IT hub through 'outsourcing'.