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He does express the fear and the pain that the unconscious understanding of the truth causes him, the frustration that the ineluctability of his destiny imposes to him, and thus the resignation.
The truth is that what inevitably results in such cases is further proof of what Homi Bhabha has convincingly demonstrated: the ineluctability of the experience of hybridity for writers who are postcolonialist or who have to resource in some way the language (and with it the structures) of the other.
The fraught relationship between Ignacio's suicide note and the other narratives that struggle to reach the silenced mother through them calls attention to the ineluctability of the dominant narratives in order to access the ones on whose suppression the former build themselves.
(6.) Pabst warns us against "the tendency to overstate the historical ineluctability of the one-drop rule [that] elides the a priori crisis of classification mulattoes have long presented with American discursive and cultural imaginaries" (179).
In Bataille, the clash of forces eludes meaning by understanding the implicit violence here as real, inherited, perhaps too, in the end, overwhelming, irredeemable, but in its ineluctability and energy, life.
At the same time, it carries the teleological danger of ineluctability, of predetermination.
malicious falsification, but in terms of the ineluctability of saying
What the first-person narrator (following Fania's lead) in the course of the story does is to disturb its ineluctability, which is also its productivity, by forcing signification back into a structure of exchange from her perspective.
Just as important is a second possible reaction to the ascendancy of neo-liberal culture and the powerful global (capitalist) forces that drive it: that of fatalism, a resignation in the face of the apparent ineluctability, and overwhelming strength, of the engine of global capitalism as it invades ever more expanded spheres of human activity.
However, the acceptance by Upham and me, as well as by many others of the ineluctability of parties' political interference does not mean that we can deny that it is indeed political influence.
Given the ineluctability of cultural, lingual and social translations in this hybrid contemporariness for transnational understanding, complexities are unavoidable.
History writing uses the resources of internal organization--story telling, rhetorical patterning, style--and recognition of that ineluctability has led to suspicion about its claim to reveal the past.