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On globalization, he said the trend is ineluctable and mentioned how American and European companies were flocking to China in recent years.
Both numbers and photographs have an ineluctable relationship with time.
But whereas earlier models posed at thresholds that invited escape (a door or window) or were blockaded by the pinkish drape (Mother's ineluctable presence) here von Hausswolff gives us Everywoman, garbage bags in hand, confronting the timeless void in the midst of life's dreary routines.
Suffused with the tension between spiritual perfection and earthly desires, this explicatory parable of a young monk's inner battle is meticulously thought out and lensed, each scene illustrating a Buddhist precept which is then contrasted with the ineluctable power of female charms.
evolving product of our behavior and our history, and not the result of some mechanistic, ineluctable process.
Heyer throws open the curtains of Catholicism's social witness to expose an ineluctable tension between the prophetic and the public.
Mintz reports all that, but he does not draw the ineluctable inference that, even at mid-century, adults knew that they were not sheltering their children and that the protected child was a hollow fantasy.
Nick's story, reported by the Associated Press, represents that ineluctable spirit of survival so attractive to those seeking something to redeem from the disaster.
When Joey implores Shane to leave, saying "there's too many," Shane gives the ineluctable answer for a man who lives by the code of honor: "You wouldn't want me to run away, would you?
Today, progress in the Arab world will not come by secularizing it from above (Bulliet's chapter dealing with Chalabi is called "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places") but by rediscovering this more tolerant Islam, which actually predates radicalism and, contra Ataturk, is an ineluctable part of Arab self-identity that must be accommodated.
En las sociedades americanas historicamente decisivas de esa epoca, la predileccion por el barroquismo provino del empleo que los restos urbanizados de la poblacion indigena hacian de la estrategia barroca: para salvar el mundo americano de la barbarie, que parecia ser el epilogo ineluctable de la conquista, reconstruian en la practica, con los cabos sueltos del mismo y con la ayuda de los "hijastros" de Espana, una imitacion o representacion escenica de la civilizacion europea, un mundo inventado donde en muchos sentidos los latinoamericanos de hoy nos encontramos todavia.
The ineluctable conclusion is that the desire to eliminate gay people from the military has nothing to do with their ability to serve effectively, after all.