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7 percent growth rate, reaching a robust 6 percent, which drive consumer spending and will thus ineluctably lead to even further inflationary pressures, Kandil affirmed.
He has also chosen to analyze the Modern Devotion in its social and geographic context, as an urban phenomenon centered in the Low Countries, and as a community whose ethos was best summarized in Thomas von Kempen's Imitation of Christ rather than as a movement with a trajectory that led ineluctably to the establishment of the College de Montaigu in Paris and to the ascendancy of its three most famous and most dissimilar pupils: the reformers Erasmus of Rotterdam, John Calvin, and Ignatius Loyola.
The booklet which is proposed as an accompaniment to the exhibition goes even further: the aesthetic experience comes first (and on the front cover) and the historical discourse is developed afterwards, as ineluctably leading to it as the track to the death of millions.
Coyote stories are marked by their combination of outrageous, sometimes X-rated humor together with profundity, in which the sacred and profane are tied ineluctably together.
Somehow over 50 years, this middle-class Toronto couple manages to raise a family, enjoy friends, make plans, do a little modest travel and ineluctably move on to an unhappy but somehow welcome end when Mary finally is freed of the carnivore's grasp by his wasting disease.
Here we have a Tel Aviv poet who, while unhesitatingly exploring the less palpable aspects of his favorite metropolis, is nonetheless ineluctably drawn to the subject of the Holocaust.
But directors and officers who bear some oversight responsibility ineluctably get asked to speak to the outside counsel investigator.
Here, the stories extend the metaphor of a closed system ineluctably running down to relationships--husband and wife; a celibate triangle among a man, his dying mother, and his pregnant spouse; lesbian lovers; a middle-aged translator and a young American tourist in Rome--to society at large, as seen in the collapse of the World Trade Center and the violence directed at abortion providers, and especially to the human body, unable to escape the wear implied in its connection to time's arrow.
This book will be helpful to people who want to think more deeply and historically about the long, arduous road that Jews and Christians have traveled, ineluctably intertwined with each other even as they are in conflict and competition.
Heather Weaver, in "Beyond Apples and Ice Cream: The Teacher-Student Relationship as Cinematic Romance, 1909-1939," takes us back to the early history of teacher-student relationships in film, when students and teachers were depicted as ineluctably drawn toward each other, with teachers often "saving" the students and students "wooing" the teachers, and when teacher-student relationships ranged from substitutes for family to vehicles for erotic encounters.
Helene finds herself drawn ineluctably into these worlds in her determination to be the world's greatest mother.
Hodgson-Wright's essay (the only one that capitalizes explicitly on the critical sense of "Marian moment") shows how the figure of Mariam ineluctably falls into the condition of lightning rod for conflicting and politically dangerous implications of Marian "moment" (i.