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She won her fight and forced Ofsted to rewrite the incorrect report, but not before highlighting further ineptitude within the complaints system along the way.
They demand continuous attention from their supervisors and peers and, because of their ineptitude, degrade the cohesiveness and morale of their working units.
At the heart of the story and the embodiment of the western world's uncaring ineptitude is the character portrayed by Nick Nolte, a UN commander on the ground who starts off emasculated and ends up angry, and still emasculated.
Gumbleton best captures the vacuous ineptitude of these groups that seek to enable same-sex genital sexual behavior when he said, "I just don't understand why we in the church would turn them away or create such an atmosphere that they would feel totally unwelcomed.
It's bad enough that the whole process stinks of, at the very least, ineptitude, but now that the scaffolding is down and we can see exactly what we got for OUR money, I'm almost lost for words.
But killing patients is the most serious potential problem of ineptitude in interpersonal relations, and many ACPE survey respondents made a point of that.
This accounting of our monumental aptitude for ineptitude and cruelty has appealed both to social scientists and to the public; these experiments are among the most celebrated products of social science.
She only won the election, many believed, because of the ineptitude of her second-string opponent and the residual affection New York voters had for her husband.
RHYS Williams' letter (Viewpoints June 30) is the latest of a series that the Echo has published complaining about the cost, the ineptitude and, indeed the very existence of the National Assemb
Whelan is careful with the historical facts and conveys the injustices, the mistakes, and the ineptitude that were causes of the Russian Revolution.
Although Norton's ineptitude is shameful, the Secretary stands in a long line of sketchy appointees.