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They demand continuous attention from their supervisors and peers and, because of their ineptitude, degrade the cohesiveness and morale of their working units.
Parents in their Chelsea tractors delivering their offspring to the schools insist on displaying their mindless ineptitude in manoeuvring their hugely environmentally-damaging ego massaging conveyances with less competence than farmers delivering sheep to a crowded market.
The Prime Minister's ineptitude will be thrown into the spotlight again when MPs vote today on the crucial Budget clause abolishing the 10p starting rate for income tax.
In the end, all that stopped him and his gang carrying out an atrocity was their own ineptitude.
The Western Mail comment of May 25 was right to point out their political ineptitude.
The ineptitude of the inspection done to Birmingham's Lordswood Girls' School in Harborne is almost too great to believe.
MANAGERS should, in the main, be banned from talking about referees because all they are doing is making excuses for their teams' ineptitude or failing to recognise the absolute certainty that arbiters, like everyone else, are bound to make mistakes from time to time.
The Dodgers were caught in a perfect storm of ineptitude on Saturday night.
One reason Soviet spies and other hostile foreign agents continued to enjoy success was ineptitude at the FBI and the CIA.
Brasch is an informative and critical analysis of the inefficiency and ineptitude of the American government's response to the natural disaster and consequent widespread tragedy of hurricane Katrina.
In Katrina's wake, public officials at all levels flailed about in an embarrassing display of ineptitude and evasion, spinning while New Orleans drowned.
This accounting of our monumental aptitude for ineptitude and cruelty has appealed both to social scientists and to the public; these experiments are among the most celebrated products of social science.