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That the setback which finished Fulham took the form of a bog-standard Mohamed Diame shot by their ineptness, it setback for capitulate that took a lucky deflection was symptomatic of the majority of this event.
Sexual cues may harden men's perceptions of a woman's ineptness to report on traditionally masculine story topics.
Respective governments had had the opportunity to improve the situation, but had failed to do so due to ineptness and also due to interference by outside powers that prevented dialogue between both sides during the long civil wars which engulfed the Sudan since after independence in 1955 and until the 2005 Nairobi peace agreement,.
To accommodate the council's gross ineptness over the Tesco/Everton shambles our sports stadium was demolished to provide a coach parking area.
He said the government failed to deliver aid and assistance as required, and it was due to this ineptness that millions of affectees were still lying helplessly under open skies; while Mr.
Given the police's ineptness, this tendency has grown in the absence of any oversight of its conduct.
of Osnabruck, Germany) conducts an analysis of US policy towards Cuba during the Bush years (although the relative continuity in policy under Obama means that Seaman's findings on the ineptness of the policy remain relevant).
And yes, while plenty of stores went out of business this decade, it had a whole lot more to do with their own ineptness and the general economy than it did with the web.
Now he has taken ineptness to Tommy Cooper dimensions" Labour MP Austin Mitchell, on the Prime Minister's handling of the expenses affair "I am actually shy by nature, rather than extrovert, but that's not the way politics works these days" Prime Minister Gordon Brown
New Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo has overseen a drive towards making the team younger, but it is going to take time for them to recover from two seasons of ineptness that saw just five wins in total.
I just get angry when I think of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and others who deny any responsibility for the government's fraud, theft and ineptness.