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42 i Troiani vengono definiti miseri: messo in risalto dall'iperbato nei confronti di dives, l'epiteto e da intendere in un senso non lontano da quello di stultus e ineptus (17), perche designa chi e in preda alia follia: Yinsania, infatti, ha il ruolo di soggetto della prima interrogativa diretta con ellissi del verbo (quae tanta insania) (18).
Nyctiphruretus acudens is one of these parareptiles, the others being 'Bashkyroleter' bashkyricus, Bashkyroleter mesensis, Emeroleter levis, Macroleterpoezicus, Nycteroleter ineptus, and Tokosaurus perforatus.
A deep, laterally exposed posterior temporal emargination, or a temporal notch, formed by the quadratojugal and the squamosal, is present in Macroleter, Bashkyroleter, Emeroleter, Nycteroleter ineptus, and Tokosaurus.
True to the title of doctor ineptus, as he is often labelled by modern scholars, the convert fails to realise that it is unnecessary to treat almost every conceivable variety of human insanity in order to get his point across.
Multos vidi nec immerito ambiguos fuisse, inferendo iudicium de claris viris, seu lireris seu armis inclaruerint, adeo ut Plutarchus, cum disertissime Ciceronis vitam, tum etiam Demosthenis scripsisset, non solum inferendo iudicium de comparatione illorum mutaverit, sed etiam ipse tum alii admirentur; vel cur tam clarus evaserit, cum esset natura adeo ineptus, vel cur cum tam clarus esset, tot admiserit errores" (562).
Many inhabitants of island habitats seem to be especially fragile; the example normally given is the dodo on the island of Mauritius, which was given the specific name ineptus in early descriptions, reflecting contempt for a bird lacking features that it did not need for survival until the arrival of human predators.
As an approach to the character, this is not wholly new, LaFleur has pointed to the relevance for Umbricius of what Anderson termed the doctor ineptus, the `teacher who fails to grasp the implications of his own precepts'.
2 - imply that "he is himself the chief object of satire" (21), a character out of comedy, a doctor ineptus like Terence's Demea.
sed admodum ineptus et eloquentie hostis ut apparet maxime in contionibus suis, quamquam Thucydidem imitari vult.
poeta ineptus, et tamen scit nihil; sed est non inutilis.