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The debate on the importance of income inequalities and its increase gained salience as an outcome of the 2008 financial crisis (Cingano, 2014, p.
Income inequalities rose rapidly in Germany and Japan in the 1930s, but in contrast fell in the UK and France at that time.
Then we explore the "bad" inequalities and how they result from government interventions that push down the lower end of the income distribution while pulling up the higher end.
And of course income inequality is itself the outcome of even deeper inequalities.
The unconditional inequalities based rankings showed limited similarity with the conditional inequalities based rankings.
In particular, the increasing penetration of the sharing economy, rising migration flows and further technological progress create growth opportunities, but also have the potential to widen inequalities and exacerbate political tensions.
Finally, population size-adjusted inequalities between and within countries are used to estimate the degree of inequality between global citizens.
Recently many inequalities have been studied for convex functions, but Hermite-Hadamard inequality is the fundamental event due to its geometrical importance and applications in Mathematical tools.
Kuznets, in his seminal study (1955), showed that the initial inequalities caused by industrialization and intersectoral mobility will be automatically reduced as the economy grows and that a rising tide lifts all the boats.
The study, 'Informing investment to reduce health inequalities in Scotland', developed an interactive tool to model the impact of 11 interventions over a period of 20 years on health and health inequalities ranging from changes to income and employment to investment in smoking cessation, alcohol brief interventions and weight management services.
One way of tackling inequalities is through fiscal policies, such as fair and progressive tax codes and through social benefits for low-income households.