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The US and the European Union also argue that the Kremlin has been relying on inequitable warfare tactics within the territories comprising the EU.
In patent law, a finding that inequitable conduct occurred during
The company's vision is to revolutionize inefficient and inequitable business and social models for the purpose of creating holistic sustainability.
We are pleased that the Federal Circuit has tightened the standards for finding inequitable contact, and reversed the decision that found our patent unenforceable," said Scott Stoffel, a spokesperson for Abbott.
This inequitable situation must be brought to a speedy close and a more just system put in place.
doctrine of inequitable conduct itself rests in equity rather than an
The ruling was accompanied by a dissent, in which a judge argued that inequitable conduct should be reserved for only the most extreme cases of fraud and deception, which he said did not apply in this case.
He recounts past food predicaments, including the inflation of food prices, the inequitable distribution of food surpluses, and Cold War jitters about the appeal of communism to malnourished people.
6015(f) authorizes the IRS to prescribe procedures for providing "equitable relief" when it would be inequitable to hold one individual liable for any unpaid tax or deficiency relating to a joint return.
This case illustrates the sometimes harsh and inequitable consequences of the AMT.