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Meanwhile, the study revealed that in Egypt in particular, men and to a lesser extend women hold inequitable views about gender equality.
The DRB will upgrade a veteran's discharge only if he or she proves that his or her discharge is inequitable or improper.
But in practice, their politics remains elitist as they are mostly riven by internal vertical and horizontal divisions and also function in an inequitable global economic and political system run by powerful states.
According to a copy of Ecop's position paper sent to media, the bridging program was 'inequitable and violative of the basic principle of 'no work, no pay'.'
A PIBA spokesman said: "[It's a] relief since it was a grossly inequitable tax on the pensions savings of private sector workers primarily."
According to the firm, the court imposed an adverse inference that Regeneron's agents had intended to deceive the USPTO during prosecution of the '018 patent and found that the "application of these inferences to the Court's prior finding of materiality appears to lead inexorably to one final determination: That Regeneron engaged in inequitable conduct in connection with the prosecution of the '018 patent."
The US and the European Union also argue that the Kremlin has been relying on inequitable warfare tactics within the territories comprising the EU.
Gender-based power was captured using measures of wife's autonomy and husband's inequitable gender attitudes.
They also said the inequitable distribution of development funds undermines the principal of democracy, which demands equitable development in the entire province.
Au cours d'un forum organise, ce jeudi 9 janvier, Abdeljalil Badoui a deplore la distribution inequitable de la fiscalite et ce, sur trois niveaux : au niveau des societes, des categories sociales sachant que 80% des impots sont payes par les salaries .
The Nature of Religions as Organizational Structures and Gender Inequitable Attitudes