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By measuring health inequities associated with sex and socioeconomic status, we can inform interventions to improve health and reduce health inequities.
He denounced the inequities of the proposition and called for reform.
While public-health professionals have long known that health is socially produced, we sometimes lose sight of how the roots of health inequities derive from long-standing injustices within our social institutions.
As is discussed below, the Treaty mitigates the resulting inequities with provisions that address the following:
All neighborhood sales ratio data (adjusted for whatever neighborhood-based inequities that have been found) is thus allocated to one of the four quadrants.
So, if we view the hospital as a society, inequities in pay are just as long as everyone connected with the hospital is well served.
The important point to note from the preceding discussions is that, notwithstanding the apparent neutrality (and hence political acceptability) of the term health disparity, what we are really interested in eliminating are health inequities.
Roderick Jackson won his suit against the Birmingham Board of Education after being fired for speaking out against inequities facing the Ensley Magnet High School girls' basketball team.
Well, I think what the Social Security debate really does for our community is give us another opportunity to talk about and raise awareness around the inequities that exist for GLBT Americans in this country.
The charter school movement faces inequities in funding and arbitrary caps on growth, intensified opposition from defenders of traditional schooling and questions about academic performance.
During the past 15 years, with the exception of multicultural counseling and feminist counseling, the term advocacy has regularly been used to affect legislation and policy and enhance the credibility of the profession, rather than to promote change that addresses social inequities and institutional changes affecting clients and students.
Yet inexplicably he never makes the leap from the problems he eloquently describes to NLCB's intent, or potential, to help ferret out and rectify those same racial inequities.