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Healthcare systems can be powerful mechanisms to reduce inequities (10), but the inverse care law, in which the poor consistently gain less from health services than the better off, is visible in every country across the globe (11).
Universal health coverage is a critical component of sustainable development, human security, and poverty reduction, and a key element of any effort to reduce social inequities.
Organizational Capacity for Public Health Equity Action (OC-PHEA): The capability of a public health organization to identify health inequities, mobilize resources, and take effective action to reduce inequities (defined by the project team).
The inequities appear because of Ballot Measure 50, a property tax limitation proposal approved by voters in 1997.
While Canada is often imagined as a sanctuary for progressive politics, it nonetheless is also a hegemonic space where inequities continue to shape the social engagements of everyday life.
Research stemming from the EquiLAC project (a World Bank project with the support of Spanish and Danish governments) and the IHEP collaboration (a PAHO project funded by the United Nations) has contributed to inform some of these reform processes by quantifying and comparing inequities across a number of Latin American countries (Suarez Berenfuela, 2000; PAHO, 2002).
Minister Mitri tackled in his word all inequities the station is being subject to.
Yet, under the law, districts can hide inequities in state and local spending between schools since they only have to show average salaries of teachers--not actual salaries.
Reflecting on an umbrella term for social inequities in health leads to two all-embracing principles being assumed; the first is that not all forms of inequality found in health are included in its definition but only those being labelled inequity as they arise from inequality which is avoidable, unnecessary and unjust.
By measuring health inequities associated with sex and socioeconomic status, we can inform interventions to improve health and reduce health inequities.
Facing inequities: recognising the inequities of the health system and tackling the causes of these inequities; and