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Russ and McNeilly (1988) point out that female sales managers will become less of a novelty in the future as their numbers increase, but negative consequences of inequity are likely.
A strong link exists between social comparisons on specific job aspects and a global assessment of feelings of inequity (Van Yperen, Hagedoorn & Geurts, 1994).
Sensitivity to inequity is thought to be an important mechanism for recognizing undesirable cooperative partners and thus crucial for the evolution of human cooperation," the study said.
Experiment 2, therefore, sought to examine the effect on sharing of a different type of social stimulus: inequity.
This disparity results from the inequity in health care access and is evident in health outcomes, as more American Indian babies than white babies are born preterm, born at low birth weight and born to mothers who did not receive adequate prenatal care.
Inequity is an apt word for office prima donnas who don't seem interested in solving current problems, just adding to them.
First of all, little is known about which contextual factors may influence employees' perceptions of gender inequity in the workplace.
The above picture of the SSN generates conflicting expectations about SES-related inequity of access to health care in Italy.
Indeed, we have made much progress in the Region of the Americas in addressing the social determinants of health, however, we have much more work to do closing the health inequity gap.
It also doesn't address the inherent inequity which already exists between the differing policies towards this group of medicines by two very different governments in Cardiff Bay and Westminster.
Unfortunately, two years into the five-year phase-in, the state could no longer continue to provide funding to correct the inequity," he said.