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Likewise, the existence of a certain amount of prorich inequity in the use of specialist care and diagnostic tests was to be expected, basically for two reasons.
Those patients directly affected in Wales will not care about the politics or the potential for inequity in NHS Wales; all they will care about is why they can't have a medicine because they live here, when their counterparts in England are benefiting from such treatment.
Horizontal inequity in access to service m(I[H.sub.m]) was estimated as the difference between total socioeconomic inequality in access to health service m(I[H.sub.m]) and the contribution of need variables to healthcare inequality (Grav elle, 2003).
(11) However, maternal mortality represents the greatest health inequity around the world, 99% occurring in so-called developing countries.
Ashmus urged the committee to push for the inclusion of language to correct this glaring inequity in broader reform bills.
Health inequity reduces the quality of life for everyone.
Tax inequity for residential property can exist when there is unequal property assessment.
Global warming and global inequity are linked, as global warming exacerbates poverty.
In some circumstances, inequities would be just as long as all levels of the society benefit from the inequity.
Most important of all, an air of major inequity hovered over it all.
As a matter of scientific practice, the authors noted that the term "disparity" has been used almost exclusively in the United States, whereas other terms such as "health inequality" or "health inequity" are more commonly used outside the United States.
Most of the literature supporting same-sex marriage boils down to two basic arguments: the inequity of traditional marriage and the bigotry of those upholding it.