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BEIRUT: Context is one of the persistent, stubbornly inerasable, facets of the performing arts.
In terms of Zuckerman's writing career, the meaning of "ghost" partially originates from his obsession with his ethnic background loaded with great ethnic suffering and pain from inerasable historical traumas.
Indeed, the scene is simply captivating with floral charm and it is a visitor's inerasable eternal delight.
Inerasable black footprints have stained the kitchen floor forever.
Their stories had an inerasable impact on me, shaping my perception of the middle-class psyche, the society at large and the mendacious marriage institute that I've grown to loathe.
Taliban are an inerasable and shameful scar on humanity and have caused tremendous ignominy to our people.
The term "human made" reveals the fact that culture, even if it has its historical background that has left inerasable traces, has the quality of evolving over time and adapting to different types of circumstances and needs.
The apparent purpose is to leave a lasting and inerasable signal to others, giving the victim 'a lifelong badge of shame'.
The bottom line is that South Sudanese must learn to live with bruises and scars, however big and inerasable they are, encountered during the darkest years of the struggle.
When Gikatilla switches from the terminology of clothes to the terminology of erasable and inerasable names, he suggests that we cannot remove the last of the cognomens.
It not only relocates the hierarchical place given to European cultural accomplishments and conventions, but also highlights the value of Maya city-states reckoned as the foundation of Guatemala, an inerasable and outstanding legacy whose deeper layers and significance will be gradually unveiled.
A city that has left us with inerasable memories--for a city entirely of wool offers great surprises for the traveler.