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The bottom line is that South Sudanese must learn to live with bruises and scars, however big and inerasable they are, encountered during the darkest years of the struggle.
A city that has left us with inerasable memories--for a city entirely of wool offers great surprises for the traveler.
Both of the new carriers measured their life expectancy in decades, and the Sony solution utilized WORM (Write Once Read Many) technologies, which, as it was inerasable, was marketed as an added preservation measure.
for this double-crossing, to etch an inerasable trace.
Above all William Burroughs, "Old Bull," whether as drug veteran, or the dark, vaudevillian master of The Naked Lunch (1962), or innovator with Brion Gysin of "cut up" narrative, from the outset becomes an inerasable Beat mentor.
Similarly, Hopkins' novel fuses Dianthe's permanent emotional scar of neither having nor becoming a mother with trauma's inerasable bodily scars.
Summary: Context is one of the persistent, stubbornly inerasable, facets of the performing arts.
Culture Minister Lubanah Mshaweh told journalists that the exhibition is aimed at commemorating those great artists," who passed away leaving inerasable impacts in our mind and souls.
But the outlawed outfit\'s Peshawar chapter later owned it up, emphatically underlining thereby the inerasable reality that the outlawed outfit is not an overarching supreme commanding body, as the ruling hierarchies apparently think of it to be.
Unlike a writer's style, however, the line is an inerasable trace in "the material text of the physical labour of its production" (65), the mark of "the flesh-and-blood artist putting pen to paper" (61).
Cowboy Jack, Bobby, and Kenny are unique personalities whose contributions to the canon of American popular music are inerasable.
Indeed, the scene is simply captivating with floral charm and it is a visitor's inerasable eternal delight.