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Whereas the conservatives saw a focus on inerrancy and enforcement of confessional documents as a return to historic Southern Baptist principles, the moderate camp saw it as an imposition of creedalism and a reduced view of the doctrine of soul freedom.
The only bounds we have are the inerrancy of the original Scriptures.
Papal infallibility and biblical inerrancy have long histories with roots in the Protestant Reformation and the divide between Catholics and Protestants, as well as in Catholic and Protestant responses to modernity.
The Epistemological Status of the Sacred Writings and the Purported Inerrancy Therein
36) The literalists' claim of inerrancy derives from their underlying view of the Bible's status as the inspired word of God.
There has been no purge in the SBC seminaries over the issue of predestination, but at times the controversy between conservatives, especially in the blogosphere, has approached the level of fury associated with blowups over inerrancy and other cultural issues.
As a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America who was educated at top evangelical institutions, Payne brings his passionate belief in the inerrancy of scripture to the issue.
And it succeeds in this respect: Kupelian's arguments and supporting examples are both illuminating and consistent with biblical teaching, confirming yet again the inerrancy of Scripture.
Regarding innerrantists, he observes how ironic it is for them to insist on inerrancy as the basis for correct theology, "when in fact inerrantists are divided over every conceivable doctrine" (p.
In Protestantism, Fundamentalism makes biblical inerrancy the litmus test for legitimate theology.
The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the inadequacy of Cartesian dualism, and conflicting opinions about scriptural inerrancy have provoked scientists, philosophers, and theologians respectively to compare notes and reexamine their notions of truth.