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While incarnation and inspiration are two modes of God's condescension and accommodation to humanity, the complete inerrancy of Scripture is not a proper conclusion.
Confusion between these two concepts is what lies behind many arguments for the absolute inerrancy of scripture.
As its new dean, Kenneth Kantzer of Wheaton Graduate School was given a mandate to assemble a faculty of established scholars known for their stand on orthodox doctrines--in particular, the inerrancy of Scripture.
36) The literalists' claim of inerrancy derives from their underlying view of the Bible's status as the inspired word of God.
There has been no purge in the SBC seminaries over the issue of predestination, but at times the controversy between conservatives, especially in the blogosphere, has approached the level of fury associated with blowups over inerrancy and other cultural issues.
He considers the neo-evangelical ferments, the inerrancy of some assertions, an infallible central message, authority as authorization in a pluriform canon, whether evangelicals demythologize, and the canon outside the canon.
Director Colin Hart said: "We believe that the Bible is the supreme authority for all of life and we hold to the inerrancy of scripture.
Chancellor and CEO of RTS: "In a world of alarming compromise and confusion, RTS is standing firm on the inerrancy of Scripture and biblical principles.
473) Southern divines bound Protestant orthodoxy, in particular the inerrancy of Scripture, to the defense of slavery.
Phillips sees "yesteryear's supposed fringes" (evangelicals, fundamentalists, and Pentecostals) taking over American Protestantism with one in four people now affiliated with conservative Protestant churches whose true believers consider the commitment to Biblical inerrancy a theological mandate.
15) Any technique establishing much earlier dates would be a disaster, because Powerful Parson is committed to the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.