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Warfield (1851-1921): A Biblical Inerrantist as Evolutionist," Isis 91 (2000): in press.
That is, there seems to be no contradiction in even an inerrantist holding to the primacy of agape, the truth of God-given reason, and the "splendor of natural morality"--all while avoiding the hubris and superbia so characteristic of some circles.
37) In the statement, the presidents caved in to inerrantist pressure by affirming: "We believe that the Bible is fully inspired; it is 'God-breathed' (II Tim.
These associations should not be confused with the Southern Baptist Convention; they are far fewer in number, more rural, less affluent, and far more insistent upon traditional beliefs (especially support of patriarchal authority and opposition to consumerism and general worldliness), They believe of course devoutly in the King James Bible, but they are not strictly inerrantists.
He frequently debates Bible inerrantists and publishes the Skeptical Review, a bimonthly journal dedicated to debunking the inerrancy doctrine.
The inerrantists provided one of the strongest weapons for reactive fundamentalism, based on a kind of syllogism: The Bible is the Word of God.
It should b noted, however, that fewer than half of the inerrantists insisted on a literal reading of the Genesis creation stories.
Frank Norris (the 1920s), both vicious inerrantists and controlling politicians.
Biblical inerrantists are the innovators, defying history, literature, and reason--going against the solid tradition of "I know whom I have believed.
With the inerrantists gaining the upper hand, the moderate party has been put out of power and disenfranchised as far as control of denominational institutions is concerned.