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Inert fillers are classified as medical devices and not drugs and therefore do not undergo the same degree of scrutiny as drugs prior to release onto the market.
Omnifit has been a specialist designer and manufacturer of inert fluidic components for over 30 years.
The GAG-3A generator would exhaust up to 64,000 cubic feet of inert gases into the slope entry through ductwork connecting the engine to the slope's temporary cap.
This was the first known case of an inert gas atom forming a bond with any other atom or group of atoms.
Sometimes it's difficult to know what inert ingredients are contained in various antibiotic preparations.
Asynt's range of Gas Bubblers enables chemists to visibly confirm that their reaction system is being flushed with an inert gas, such as nitrogen.
com)-- Clark Solutions introduces the Model WTA-2 series of inert isolation valves.
The oven was specially built with inert atmosphere construction.
GEW has incorporated nitrogen into its N2 UV lamp head system for inert gas atmosphere curing of inks and coatings, and coupled the technology with its new e-Brick electronic power supply.
Then, over 8 weeks, the scientists regularly injected some mice with the new drug and gave others inert shots.
Metalcasting melting practices typically include degassing with an inert purge gas to remove hydrogen before pouring.
Mineral reinforcements include Translink surface-modified calcined kaolin; inert, fine-particled Satintone calcined kaolin extenders and reinforcements with low residue and moisture; ASP, Buca and Catalpo hydrous kaolin in various particle sizes and modifications including surface treatments and delaminatiom and Emcor 66 ultrashort whiskers used in phenolic molding compounds for brake linings and nonasbestos gasketing.