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Effectively, INERTIA 2014 Enterprise Edition acts as a control apparatus for test cells, managing test system definitions, test requests, and test data.
IB's are two bands in different nuclei, which have essentially identical transition energies within 2 keV, and thus essentially identical dynamical moment of inertia.
The directive covers: Information given to con-sumers; Cancellation rights; Preventing hidden costs; Delivery of goods, and Inertia selling.
This paper presents the effects of generators inertia on the power system transient stability.
The secret to the M3's popularity with military and police forces as well as civilians is the utter reliability of the Benelli inertia drive, semi-automatic system.
This article describes a method to measure wheelchair inertia ([I.
The line offers three inertia versions: standard, high-dynamic for rapid acceleration jobs and high-inertia for maximum smooth running.
When you flicked the dime into the stack, the force of the dime overcame the inertia of the bottom penny and pushed it out of place.
There is a progressive erosion of internal order as a result of developmental inertia," he said.
Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha is opening it 3rd Hostel premises in Mumbai and has awarded the project of designing and installing a solar hot water system to Solar Inertia.
Some researchers found that when customers were involved in satisfied transaction habit for a prolonged period with a specific firm, they would like to continue with the momentum of relationship (Ouellette and Wood, 1998) and become reluctant to find an alternative (Colgate and Danaher, 2000)-a phenomenon subsequently nomenclated as relationship inertia.